Monday, 9 May 2011

Thurs and Fri 11/12th Feb

Slight lie in except Julie was up and out for breakfast at 7.40am came back and switched on the room lights! nice - not! In Physio I went on the treadmill with Jen and Tracey it was great fun again, nice to be almost walking properly loved it.

Corinna went home poorly so I did OT with Becky and continued/looked at list of arm activities, she gave me the lovely bra angel to try! Discussed ways of carrying cutlery, mats into lounge to set table.

Did hydrotherapy in the pool at NOC, for the first time it was just fantastic to be weightless and  to be in water again, my fave choice of exercise, I cried twice loved it! Wore a neck float and used woggles on my back to keep me afloat, we didn’t need to ring Greenpeace!

Weighed 91.6kg today.

Friday 12th Feb.

In OT I did some more mirror imagery and was filmed eventually after much giggling, by Will, and watched by some Japanese visitors from Tokyo.  They were visiting the centre to get ideas for their own centre in Japan and they joined the photography group session, the focus (relevant!) being on zooming in and out on objects.

Blood test due for INR but not done.

Physio last session of the day before weekend leave, I was on the WII for improving balance, heading the ball, with Jen by my side, I was knackered slept in car on way home.

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