Tuesday, 17 May 2011

7th - 11th March - new AFO spotted- not UFO!

Mon 7th Mar

In for 10:30 today, did physio with 40 balls/2 baskets with Tom using Saeboflex. In physio later on with Jen, walked upstairs using my stick, then did 2 lots of 4 minutes on the treadmill, which was fun, good work. In OT leisure with Val, she went through the basics of doing watercololurs. I weighed 90.6 kgs today.

Tues 8th Mar

In group physio, I did the hip lifting exercises. In OT social group, we did a picture quiz and our team came second. After that I did physio, and was working on the treadmill again. I did 4 mins at 1.5km/h, then 4 mins at 1.8km/h, it was great again. Ed came to see Audrey, the child psychologist - nice to see Nik and him.

Wed 9th Mar

I had my new black AFO (A Foot Orthosis) fitted today, and it feels fine, but offers a different way of walking.
In physio, Jen was training so I did Saeboflex with Tom and did 70 balls.
OT with Becky,as Corinna still on hols, we went to Waitrose so I could walk around on my own, do some shopping, and then call Becky when I’d finshed. However, these things don’t always go smoothly, having bought a sausage roll for Jean, cranberry juice and a loaf for Annette and scones for myself, I didn’t have enough money to pay for them. Tried to ring Becky from the checkout but my phone had no signal - never a dull moment. So instead of doing 15 mins shopping, I ended up doing 30 mins. but i achieved a goal!

And even more fun, when we got back all the staff were all outside because the fire alarm had gone off. It turned out to be false alarm, so we were able to go back inside and have some lunch. No physio ‘til 3pm, where I did some arm work, a range of active and passive movement. Also did some stair work using my stick. Then back in the gym, I stood against the wall, weight bearing on my left leg with my right foot on a ball or in the air. Very tiring, left leg aching with new AFO.

Thur 10th Mar

I walked 800m up to Headington centre with Becky and Will.  Afterwards had double Saebo group, which wasn’t too successful, as my left hand wasn’t gripping too well, after the walk. So I did some functional tasks instead, lifting plastic cup to mouth, cleaning table with cloth and lifted one of the foam balls with my own hand, rather than using the Saeboflex.

Anne-Marie and Sue came in to do Saebo, having both being discharged the previous week. No lunch for me at NOC today, I was too knackered after walk then Saebo. In physio after lunch, I stood against the wall and did more weight bearing on my left leg, stepping up and down the wooden step, strengthening my left leg. No sessions all afternoon, thank god, I can rest. Temperature ok-35, BP- 113/57.
Fri 11th Mar
De-sensitizing with Will using hot and cold water in the shower. I had Nik’s lycra shorts on, went well apart from screaming went he first used the cold water, and getting my knickers wet, God knows what Nicky next door thought when she heard me screaming.
Went to hydrotherapy, Jen and I, Jean and Ali, Sue and Natalie. Weight bearing on left leg, raised right leg and right arm up in the air. Did front crawl legs, kicking left and right ankles. Floating on my front whilst wearing neck float and woggles underneath (what a dork, if only Danes swimming club could see me now). Walked out of pool up the stairs normally, no problem. No sessions this afternoon, so home early, hurrah!

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