Tuesday, 17 May 2011

12th - 18th March - weekend away!

Sat 12th Mar
weekend posting

Went down to Alison’s for Karl’s birthday meal. Nice food, good company, great evening. Nice to know I am able to cope away from home. Ed on sleepover at Henry’s.
Alison and Andy said anytime we want a weekend down there, we are welcome -  good friends offering help and support!

Sun 13th Mar

Fab breakfast at Andy and Alison's returned home, well stuffed!

Mon 14th Mar

In physio, working on arm stretches lying on front on the bed. Moving my left arm backwards/forwards touching the underneath of the bed. In OT, looked at things I need to achieve in the next two week and going through 5 things I have achieved, mobility, swimming, leisure/recreation. In physio, went through my arm range of movements (ARM). In OT leisure, I finished my first watercolour which turned out well, will do another next week. No blood test today, due tomorrow.

Tue 15th Mar

Group physio first thing, did gym programme exercises. In physio, tried to do Saeboflex, but my hand wasn’t playing. Ali joined in and we discussed Saebo- I wouldn’t be eligible as an in-patient to continue. OT with Will, we did hot/cold water de-sensitizing on my arm again.

At OT social group we debated “Should we have a royal family”- yes, but not the hangers on like Prince Andrew and his daughters. We also debated the HS2 rail link-too expensive,spend money on updating current rail services. Then the rest of the afternoon was free, weighed 90.6 kgs today.
Phil B went home today, (so only me last of the crazy gang/naughty table remains). So a bit of a tearful and emotional day today, thankfully Nik called in on his way home from Milton Keynes. Jenny called me and Cath Evans text me to see how I was doing. Still no blood test.

Wed 16th Mar

In OT, walked half way Headington with Corinna and put my resting splint on to see how my hand would be. It was ok, my fingers didn’t curl up. Physio had to be cancelled, because Jen had injured her ankle whilst playing netball last night, so I did some of my gym programme stretches.

I chatted with Dawn the psychologist, discussed my return home, sharing of jobs in the house, not overhelping me, trying to get my independence and my role in the house back as much as possible. She discussed a possible dual visit with Nik, they are available to talk to when I leave, and are also willing to talk with my employer, Educare, if required. I had a blood test today I and R 2.4, 8mg Warfarin.

Thur 17th Mar
St Patricks Day 

At group physio, I concentrated on the Saebo glide pole. Followed by Saebo group double session, which went well with help from Jane and good picking up of foam balls and functional use of arm.
Went for lunch at NOC with Nik, discharge meeting went well, discussed medication - when will it be reduced, will GP be advised of return home, and botox appt on 19th May. ICT only currently need help with new AFO, being referred to community physio with Sandra L. Heart monitor to be fitted 5/4/11. With regards to Saeboflex, I would need additional funding as out patient as I am ineligible not living in Oxfordshire - NHS postcode lottery!

Fri 18th Mar

OT with Will, hot and cold water de-sensitizing left leg in shower again. Hydrotherapy with Jen was cancelled because Sue B was ill – blast and damn ! So did two sessions in the gym, walked with rollator, did circuit upstairs, and walked back to room with it, it went well. To try it over the weekend, I brought it home. Early finish.

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