Tuesday, 17 May 2011

19th - 21st Feb - Goal planning and puppies!

Fri 18th Feb

Had 2 hydro sessions this morning which was really great, exercises I do in the gym are a lot easier being weightless in water. After hydro Anne Marie, Sue Barnes and I met Phil for lunch in NOC, and I had OT after lunch. Blood test taken today INR 2. Home for the weekend. This should be my last day of 6 wks we meet on Monday to discuss.

Sat 19th Feb
A weekend posting

Nik, Ed and I went over to Jane and Richard’s to see the 4 guide dog puppies, Molly's last lot of pups, and had a lovely dinner with them.

We do have some very good friends and neighbours who have been so so supportive to us, inviting us for meals, Sunday lunches, especially at Christmas when Caroline and Austen invited us for Christmas dinner, we just didn't know what we were going to do, offering  Nik help with household type stuff, giving Ed lifts to or from school events, and this help has really been appreciated by all 3 of us, thank you to all our reliable and supportive friends!

Mon 21st Feb

In for 9.30 and group physio went well and discussed new exercises for gym programme. In OT did more de-sensitizing with Will using hot and cold water on my left arm.  Physio went on the treadmill did 1.5km for 7 minutes with Kim and Jenny. In Psychology with Ruth she was reporting back on all my assessments I’d done very well and in some cases scored higher than average - be amzed!
Goal Planning Meeting today with all dept’s OT, PT, psychol & DHS. I am to use a higher walking pole so I am walking more upright, discussed no alcohol for 12 months – OMG bit late been drinking since August, not getting trashed just occasional Pimms or glass of wine, in fact in Cheltenham they called me Mrs Pimms cos I had the small cans from Educare girls on my locker!.

Vasculitus may not be the root cause of stroke, so I'm to have 72 hour heart monitor (aorta fibrillation) fitted at a later date. No further need for DVT stockings.
As this is my 6th week, and they love me so much, they feel I will benefit from a further 4 weeks rehab, would I like to stay, of course, i'm lovin' it! Discharge meeting 7/3/11, looking at discharge date 25/3/11.

Sue to write letter to MP re level of stroke services in UK and how good Oxford is, I will be OK to fly to Cyprus must remember to get up and walk round plane. Further Botox appointment with Prof K to be arranged for end of April.

Tue 22nd Feb

Showered and managed to get my robe on, then managed to walk out of bathroom to bedroom and no slips. In group physio this morning I did new leg exercises. In Social group we did a Pop quiz Ian and I were a team but I managed to get a higher score to win. In Physio with Ronnie and Jenny I did going up and down stairs using a stick without using a rail it was hard but good easier going up than down.
In OT with Corinna we went to Waitrose again I pushed a trolley on my own while Corinna stayed a distance away I bought some hot cross buns for Anne Marie, Phil and I for tea. Weighed myself tonight  90.8 kg.

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