Tuesday, 17 May 2011

15th/16th/17th Feb.

Tues 15th Feb

Good sleep in new room sharing with Anne Marie I had a shower and once I was up and about realised I’d pulled a muscle in my lower back,poss spasm because of this I did gentle sessions all day in Physio I did the e-link which is a computer based exercise programme.

In OT I did de-sensitizing with Will hot and cold water on my left arm. In Social Group we had a quiz then last session of the day Physio Jen rolled me over on my front and we managed to get my leg up behind me and my arm to the side. Sorted Dad out for early March.

Wed 16th Feb

In physio back was still aching so Jen did some gentle massage on my lower back and also rolled me over on my front while she massaged the area.
In OT I did some clothes folding with Corinna and learned how to carry clothes, for example, from washing machine to outside or upstairs, in a rucksack on my front if I needed to. In Physio this afternoon I did some gentle back exercises.
Thurs 17th Feb
My back is a lot better today I had a shower and put the hot water on it to help ease pain. in Physio we worked on my arm lifting it straight up and then down, then in the second physio session I sat on a large gym ball doing balance and also did squatting against the wall. First of my new tablet, Bendroflumethiazide. I’m taking it to reduce the swelling in my left leg and it’s a diuretic which means it makes you wee a lot. Weighed myself today 91.2kg.

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