Tuesday, 17 May 2011

22nd - 27th Feb - normal clothes!

Tue 22nd Feb

Showered and managed to get my robe on then managed to walk out of bathroom to bedroom and no slips. In group physio this morning I did new leg exercises. In Social group we did a Pop quiz Ian and I were a team but I managed to get a higher score to win. In Physio with Ronnie and Jenny I did going up and down stairs using a stick without using a rail it was hard but good easier going up than down. In OT with Corinna we went to Waitrose again I pushed a trolley on my own while Corinna stayed a distance away I bought some hot cross buns for Anne Marie, Phil and I. Weighed myself tonight  90.8 kg.
Wed 23rd Feb
Orthotics at 9.45 Drew took a plaster cast and I chose to have a Black AFO. I then had 2 physio sessions together to sort out my SaeboFlex, practiced lifting my arm and squeezing fingers whilst lifting foam balls into a basket and, it went really well I was pretty tired afterwards. I slept after lunch today because I was knackered form Saebo updated my blog from the PC in the day room. Nik called in on his way home from work. As it's half term Ed was on a sleepover at Henry's?

Thurs 24th Feb

Did revised physio exercises. Nik visited Dawn the Psychologist.  In OT Corinna had a look at my left hand and went through each finger getting it warmed up and suggested I do this before Saebo group. In Physio I did more stair work using my stick up and down stairs, not using the rails and moving normally, then finished for the day.

Fri 25th Feb

I managed to put on both DVT stockings and my AFO, whilst waiting 40 mins for a nurse to come and help me. OT was cancelled as Will was off ill.  ln Physio I did SaeboFlex did lifting/dropping small foams balls into basket. Finished early today Nik and Ed picked me up at 12 we had lunch at NOC and then drove to Cheltenham to watch the King’s Speech, fab film – lovely afternoon.

Sat 26th Feb
weekend posting

I wore ‘normal’ clothes HURRAH!! Jeans and nice top, NOT Leggings or Joggers! Browsed around Shops at the Maybird centre in Stratford on Avon.

Sat 27th Feb
Had nice meal at ASK, came home and watched Due Date, Very Funny! great weekend! Is normality creeping back slowly........?

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