Tuesday, 17 May 2011

28th Feb - 5th March - Mutiny in the Dining room!

Mon 28th Feb

The Stroke Assoc’s Joe Korner, Director of Comms. was on BBC Breakfast News discussing raising awareness of younger strokes, so at long last my emails have worked! Back in for 10.30, Straight into OT with Will more de-sensitizing using hot and cold water on the left arm.

In Physio I did some movement work on my left leg and weight bearing on it, standing on it and trying bend knee, I also did some stair work. Afternoon physio went well doing more Saebo but with larger balls and rings did quite well but knackered after so I slept and the nurse had to wake me up for tea!

Tues 1st Mar

Saw Dr HS whilst in group gym physio, all ok, and told him about cardiac monitor appointment. In OT Will started to do de-sensitizing on my left leg using hot and cold water again. Cold was a 10 and was unbearable to start; the hot was a lot better. Cold went to being bearable.
In OT Social Group, we all went over to NOC (Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre) and had a Costa coffee. Then in OT leisure I discussed options of what I could do with Val and opted for watercolours and silk screen painting if there was time. In the last session of physio today, Jen and Ronnie helped me onto the upright exercise bike, which was great and I really enjoyed it. I did some further work with them up and down the stairs and walking.

Wed 2nd Mar

In physio, I worked with the Saebo pole with my left arm and attaching the hand strap to be able to move the arm up and down and left to right on the pole. Didn’t go to psycho group. OT with Becky, I went through things I need to do this week as Corinna is on a skiing holiday in Austria for 2 weeks.

We will walk to Headington with Becky and Will to support me as I walk, checking my hips and pushing the wheelchair. Also discussed being able to put my bra on myself, getting in and out of the bath and Wi-Fi on the ward. In physio this afternoon I worked on more leg exercises for my gym programme-knackered.

Nik called in from his way back from Cambs/Beds with sweety supplies and brought my laptop in.

Supper was shit, they ran out of all sorts, not the staff's fault at all  (I think after everybody had watched the previous nights programme on Channel 4, Dispatches, about the food provided via G4S and Aramark, we were all incensed by it). The contract manager did come and see Annette there and then, and the following day, the catering manager came to discuss menus with Wendy. Patient Power!
Thur 3rd Mar
Group physio gym programme first thing doing the Saebo pole exercises. Saebo group double session, I managed to pick up 40 of the large balls and then did functional arm movements, lifting up plastic cups to mouth, and lifting plastic jugs to pour into cups. After Saebo went over the road to NOC to have lunch with Anne-Marie and Phil, Sue B had optician appointment so couldn’t come. No sessions in the afternoon.
Catering manager came to see Wendy about the food, supper was slightly better, nice chips and extra sausages. Typed up blog on MS Word.
Fri 4th Mar
Splinting first thing, looking at my arm/hand splint with Becky and Jane and deciding it is adequate for my needs at present. In physio, did work on bed lifting and raising my left leg. Physio in the afternoon, stairs practise with and without stick. Early finish, home for the weekend!
Sat 5th Mar
Went to Lower Slaughter, had a good practise walk of about a mile along the river. Went to Budgens to do some shopping and pushed the trolley around on my own, met Jane Slatter whilst we were there.

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