Tuesday, 17 May 2011

19th - 25th March - last week at OCE

Mon 21st Mar

Brought cakes in for staff and a tin of cakes for the physio’s which Ed had made. In physio, Jen went through the RASP assessment, this was to see how my touch and sensory stuff may have improved. In OT leisure I did another watercolour, great sky. In physio later on, Jen and I walked up and down the ward using the rollator.
Tues 22nd Mar
Group gym physio, did the Saebo glide work on my arm. Saw Dr HS and checked all is OK for discharge on Friday. I asked to see my MRI and CT scans and Alice G said OK, see me at lunchtime. In OT with Will hot and cold water on left leg/foot and also did cold water on arm to check all was still the same. I then tried putting my AFO on by myself and managed to do it. Will gave me a shoe horn/grabber to help me get my trainer on.
After lunch, I did a joint OT/physio sessions with Jen and Corinna, tried kneeling from the plinths onto a mat which was slightly better than last time, and this is to enable me to use a bath. It didn’t go too well, because it was hard to feel my left leg there! And I didn’t feel comfortable doing it either, so we stopped.

And if I want to have a bath, the best option would be to use a bath lift or a hoist (Or get a disabled room at Premier Inn with a low bath – more later see May posts). So I tried putting my AFO on again and managed to do it 3 or 4 times,likely I won’t be needing any community care on my return home - hurrah! My appointment with the community physio as an outpatient will come through on my return home.

Walked up and down the ward using the rollator. Alice talked me through my CT and MRI scans of my brain and the stroke, it was incredible, absolutely amazing, and I asked for prints of them, which she duly gave me. Jean and I had jam and scones for supper tonight!
Wed 23rd Mar

Unable unfortunately to do group physio and physio sessions this morning because of a tunnel vision eye test at the JR Oxford Eye Hospital.

It was a lovely sunny day today. Gerald and I sat outside in the sun after lunch with a cuppa. At physio later on with Jen, I did rollator walking outside up and down slopes for outdoor walking practise. I used the pc in the day room to catch up on some emails.

Said goodbye to Ronnie as she is on holiday from tomorrow, had a few tears. In the evening, Jean and I both fell asleep on our beds at about 7pm and we didn’t wake up until 8:30pm when Jean’s phone went off! Ginger nuts and tea for supper.

Thurs 24th Mar

In group physio I did all my Saebo glide exercises and walked up to the gym using the rollator by myself. Anne Marie and Phil came in for lunch at the NOC, and it is Anne Marie’s birthday today she is 36!

Another lovely warm day again.
I said my goodbyes to Ali as she is on holiday on Friday more tears. In OT/Physio after lunch with Jen and Corinna, they measured my fingers, to see if there was any difference from 3 weeks ago and with wearing my arm splint during the day to see if its helped or not.
I went through my ideas for my home programme i.e. what I plan to do during the day at home. I did some more rollator walking, blood test today 2.4 INR, 8mg warfarin. Jean had sausage roll in bed for supper.

Fri 25th Mar
Last day
A lovely sunny day for my last day at OCE, a certain amount of trepidation, glad to be going home and discover what's next in this journey of mine back to normality and independence. (Let's face it everybody's doing journeys so why shouldn't I!?

Sat outside at lunch again with Gerald having a cuppa. Said my very tearful goodbyes to everybody and Julie P said I was a special lady - which made me cry more. I know I will miss them all I've made some good friends here, and will keep in contact.

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