Tuesday, 17 May 2011

26th March - Back for Good!

In the words of Take That - sorry Gary - I am back home for good, no more hospitals apart from check-ups, follow up app'ts.

So to celebrate my full time return home, we were going to have a girly night in, but we let the men and kids join in! Friends who have been so supportive and helpful since I had my stroke last July, Leslie, John, Maxine and Mark, and Val came round for drinks and nibbles. In line with DHS of course I abstained - not! We all had a great afternoon.

As I had had to have my wedding and engagement rings removed because of my chubby sausage like fingers, we needed to get them rejoined and found a lovely lady called Caroline Richardson in Chipping Campden who did that, we collected them today and Nik replaced them on my finger saying we should really get them blessed and perhaps renew our vows.I said we'd have to go to Antigua to do it!

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