Friday, 1 April 2011

Weds 26th Jan

Slight lie in today bit of a cock up/delay with nursing staff getting out of bed and washing so I was late for breakfast.

Jen came to collect me for physio and orthotics. Orthotics checked my left leg for getting a new AFO (ankle foot orthotic) made and it was too swollen. Ali then checked my arm for where I might need botox and we then we did 5 minutes on the treadmill which was great. I eventually had my breakfast at 10.30 and missed psychology group.

Later in the day Jen came and did walking with me on the corridor doing small steps not kicking oot. INR blood test today. In O.T Corinna did the laces up on my right shoe so they could be done as single lace and one handed we made notes to do hoovering and ironing on our next session joy!.

Then in last physio session of the day did lots of walking up and down the gym, without my stick, holding Jenny’s hand, and on my own with Jenny just behind me and walk back down to room. Good Day. J After Blood test 6mg warfarin.

On the naughty table we would often have chats about why we are all here, what we want to achieve, what we want to do, have our own goals and I would always say, that we are all 'works in progress' which we are and one day we will all, with hard work and plenty of bloody mindedness and determination be back to as near normal as we can!

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