Friday, 1 April 2011

Tues 1st Feb.

Julie up and about at 2 am doing her night manoeuvres I didn’t sleep much.

I did group physio at 9.30, 5 exercises 10 of each and 10 minutes on bike.

Physio session I was squatting against the wall again and then balancing on the big blue gym ball.

In O.T Corinna, Will and I went through de-sensitising stuff using hot and cold water and different materials, mirror imagery.

I was so tired after lunch I gave social group a miss and had a nap!  Rest when you can and manage your fatigue!

After my nap,  I had a combined Physio/O.T session with Jen and Corinna, we did sit to stand and stand to sit - symmetrically of course. To hopefully reduce the swelling in my leg I got a pair of lovely new white over the knee DVT stockings. I'm sure Nik will love these passion killers!  I did ask if they do a black seamed version but NHS don't stretch to that!

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