Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday 4th Feb.

Physio in the morning with Ali, in Jen’s absence, tried and put electrodes on my left shoulder blade/scapula with the aim of getting those muscles working again, I am to take it home for the weekend and use it in 3 different positions for 10 minutes each position every night.

In O.T with Will I typed up an Educare mock order again after taking it over the phone.

Then in Photography group we covered the subject of repeat patterns and we went out in our groups around the centre taking photos to show to each other on our return.

Blood test for INR Level 2 and 7mg Warfarin.

In afternoon physio session Ali did de-sensitising on my left leg, barefoot and  standing on my left leg on the cold floor, then at the end of the session trainers and stockings back on we walked up and down the gym without my stick and Ali just behind me for support.

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