Friday, 1 April 2011

Thurs 27th Jan

Good physio session first thing doing work on left leg over bed then onto bed pushing/strengthening, walking up and down gym just holding hands not using the srtick.

Botox day- Had 3/4 jabs in my arm by my wrist for thumb and finger flexors and a couple of jabs in biceps. Similar number of jabs in left leg for my calf.

Doc's are looking to up my medication gabapentin and start taking paracetemol again to reduce pain.

In O.T/Physio looking to do de-sensitisation for both left arm and leg with Will, and I am to join relaxation group next week.

Jenny wants me to start on group gym physio programme next week said I can be here for 10.15/10.30 on Monday, group gym programme starts at 9.30. early 6am start.  Corinna and Jenny videoed me doing mirror box therapy today. INR level from yesterday’s blood test is…2!

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