Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Saturday 22nd Jan - CTBI Charity

A weekend posting, today Nik and I met with Denis Underwood from the CTBI which is a salespeople's charity  who helps salespeople such as myself with funding for adaptions or anything necessary as a result of a disability or hardship, and we are asking with help to fund the change of our ensuite into a wet room for me, and my lovely little blue babe Peugeot is also up for sale.

I had found them purely by coincidence, online searching under grants/bursaries for disabled people, Nik and I both have over 20 years of sales experience each, so I emailed them and Mandi Logan called me straight away very efficient, said she would pass the info on and Denis called us to arrange an interview with me and go through our requirements. I’d attached my CV he even said he would employ me! Very nice chap.  Our proposals were discussed at their next Board meeting and Denis himself called us the following Sunday to advise that they will be able to help us with a substantial sum of money, brill brill brill!

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