Friday, 1 April 2011

Tues 25th Jan Goal planning meeting

Completed DVLA form which Nik took back to post only a few things to do like hosp no’s. Just need Doc’s OK to drive again and get some freedom back, may have to go thro’ an assessment first, eyes are OK having done tunnel vision test at opticians.

Jen tried me with some further gym programme exercises by trying to roll me onto my front with Roni’s help and it really hurt my left shoulder and elbow (I cried!) So we then tried to do the exercises another way holding onto then bed with my legs out. O.T. with Will we discussed how I could take ‘mock’ orders over the telephone I showed him the EduCare website and he printed off details of the training programmes. I did a typing test 150 words and took approximately 15 minutes (15 words per minute). In Social group the 2 Ian’s, Anne-Marie and myself finished our abstract ‘Jackson-Pollock’ painting. Later I saw Ruth and did two or three more cognitive tests.

Goal Planning Meeting all members of team attended discussed and set goals, asked about bursa any progress DHS poss not swimming! which Iquestioned with Ali later, drugs to be changed and start to take paracetamol again and codeine if required, up gabapentin if needed.

Discussed swollen leg/foot still don’t know reason for stroke so refer onto stroke clinic, might be vasculitis – inflammation of blood vein in brain, set next date for goal planning 21st Feb at 3pm. Nik to see Dawn on 2nd Feb and a letter to Ed to see Audrey.  Me seeing Prof K for botox in my leg and arm not my face!.

Because of goal planning I had half an hour physio with Ali & Jen and we went through if I fell on the floor how I would get up from kneeling and both knees hurt I needed help to get up. Did standing against wall with foot on football , whilst holding onto wall and Nik put foot onto wobbly cushion, hard to do but helps build confidence with left leg, we talked about going onto the treadmill using the hoist wow!.

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