Thursday, 3 May 2012

April - Many showers!

No April Fools today, Sunday saw Nik and I heading off to Stow for a French Fair we got some food and sat in the square and ate it. Ed was working at the pub doing some painting for them. I dropped Nik off for a walk back into the village from near Moreton Cricket Club, as it was such a nice day, cold wind though.

w/c 2nd

Ed is doing football week at Chipping Campden with Jamie Roberts. I went to see physio at the new hospital in Moreton, it’s very nice, we concentrated on my leg exercises. Spoke to Dad tonight he rang to see how I was doing.

Tuesday I’m over to see Dan and we did more strengthening and balancing 16 reps in total, 4 types and 2 of each, I was knackered especially after yesterday’s session with Sandra. The alter G press ‘day’ is hotting up for 23rd April. Spoke to Charles today.

Wednesday, asthma check-up in the morning, all OK, and also dentist appointment in the afternoon to check my jaw, there are some slight clicks on both sides of jaw I can get an oral surgeon referral if I wish! Did washing and ironing.

Thursday, bit of a lazy day well rested anyway, Nik in London, Ed on last day of football week, he won Sharp Shooter and came 3rd in crossbar Challenge.

Good Friday and we had a nice lie-in, I wore my new DM Orthotic sock for 1/4 hour and it was OK. We went over to Stratford and had a chippy tea. Ed was working at the pub, and Nik and I went to the Western for a drink later, met Austen and had a good natter with him, and also saw Caroline after.

Saturday we went over to Cheltenham did some shopping at Sainsbury’s and came home. I wore my new DM Orthotic sock for 1/2 hour so I can get used to it slowly. Austen came round to have a chat and a drink and Ed was working again at the pub.

Easter Sunday we had a nice roast lamb lunch, and even did garlic with it, I wore my new DM Orthotic sock for 1/1/2 hour. Andrew and Kath called in to see us. I text Jenny and Dad.

w/c 9th

Monday rainy and not too nice, mooched around at home. The three of us went to see Titanic 3D which was good, all in all not too bad a weekend really. Dad called.

Tuesday, Ed came over to Dan’s with me, he did agility ladder work and went on the new bike and I did 40 mins on the treadmill with my new splint on at 1.5km per hr and 800m. Ed went to the barbers whilst we were over at Dan’s when we came back he went to the gym with Matt! So I wore the new DM leg splint all day.

Ed is off to see Marcus today and I did some crm stuff.

We are both over to Stratford to go to Specsavers for Ed and me to return shoes to Clarks, they wouldn’t take them back as they were from a retail outlet! We had a Costa coffee and then Ed had his eye test and sorted out new glasses.

Friday, Andrew is here to help Ed with his photography for his D of E. We went up round Snowshill area and Ed took some good photo’s with Andrew’s guidance and we went for a cuppa and a cake at Broadway Lavender farm. I came back and did all the ironing. Ed worked Friday night at the pub.

Saturday and we went over to Stratford to do some shopping, picked up Ed’s glasses then came back to watch the Grand National, my horse and lady jockey came 3rd.

Charles’s 20th birthday today, we rang him to wish him all the best. Ed played rugby over at Leamington, Nik went out on his bike.

w/c 16th

I picked Charles up from Stratford station came home had lunch, then off we went to Cirencester for my hydrotherapy, a good session doing all my exercises and not as achy this time, I love it.  We went to Broadway and collected Ed’s work experience form. Then we collected Matt and Ed from afterschool French.

Tuesday nothing much today, Charles did some revision I did some crm.

Wednesday over to Jannines’s for a cut and colour, and I got the day wrong should have been Thursday, however, Jannine managed to fit me in she’s a star. Charles revised again it was quite a rainy day today.

Thursday I went over to Cheltenham for a Connect meeting, took Charles with me he revised in the car again, then we went to Starbucks in Sainsbury’s for a coffee and lunch, and got Charles’ birthday pressie. It was lovely to spend time with him. Charles helped me cook tea, chilli and rice, afterwards we took a photo of the four of us, and unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned……however the pictures turned out ok, I thought.

Friday, I went over to Dan for a session, I did 40 minutes on the alter G treadmill I did over 1000m at 1.5/2km per hour wearing my new DM leg splint and then did some agility ladder work, a good session, we came home for lunch and I took Charles to Stratford station. Ed worked at the pub and Nik and I went for a meal there, it was a nice evening.

Nik is off to the States today on business until Friday, an early start for him, Ed and I had a clear up/out in his bedroom, went shopping. In the evening Ed was babysitting 7 – 11pm up the village.

Sunday, unfortunately at 10.54 I fell again in the kitchen and fell on my left side I think my left foot gave way as I was trying to get strawberries out of the fridge, Ed helped get me up I used the sink as I did previously, I bumped my head on a cupboard again, no dizziness, no broken skin just another egg on head. Ed was revising his Spanish for his oral exam on Monday, Andrew and Kath called to see us and we had a really good natter, Andrew sorted out the bathroom sink and wardrobe for us. Charles headed back to Uni from his Dad’s. A very nice weekend.

w/c 23rd

Monday I had hydrotherapy at Cirencester, did my usual exercises, I was knackered today and my leg ached after the fall yesterday, it looks like a good bruise is coming on my leg too! Ed went to boxing and he did a really good Spanish talking assessment at school today, teacher graded it an A, one mark off an A*.

Tuesday I went to Cheltenham hospital stroke ward for my Connect visit 2.30-4pm, met some lovely people. Ed went to rugby training in the evening. Nik flew from Virginia to North Carolina. Dad called when I was taking Ed to rugby training so I called him back.

Wednesday, there’s a Gloucs. younger stroke survivor group meeting at the Norwood Arms which I didn’t go to because Ed has after school astronomy, the weather not so good, really bad wind and rain, rained all day.

Friday Nik is back early at 7.30am. Nik and I went to see Dan for a session and I did some agility ladder work I also got onto the Wattbike and managed to do 410m at 11km p hr. my god did my butt ache weighed myself 13.7 stone! Nik went on the new bike.

Ed went off on rugby tour to Hilston Park on the Welsh border for the weekend, he had a really great time, he went canoeing, played archery, great outdoor activities, a fantastic time, they played a game against Crickhowell on the Sunday and won 71-0 with Ed scoring the winning conversion.

Good lie-in for both of us on Saturday, I had a bath, we did some shopping, washing and ironing, usual stuff. Nik and I went to the cinema on Saturday night to see ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’, a good film and evening.

Sunday, I helped Nik finish off the ironing, then we went to ASK for lunch and Simon brought Ed back as we were still eating! Austen called in to see us, and a flood was discovered next door.

w/c 30th

Bit of a downer today, feeling quite low in fact. So I looked forward to the afternoon as I went to hydrotherapy at Cirencester it was good, enjoyed it, needed it, good floating and exercises. Ed went to boxing class in the evening,  and we tried to get some Olympic football tickets.

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