Thursday, 7 June 2012

May - Birthdays month Ed 15 and me big 50!

On Tuesday I had a grip rail fitted in our main bathroom, with bath, as I am getting so proficient with my baths, instead of pulling on the sink I can grab the rail to help me get out, rather than the sink off the wall!

Wednesday I went over to Cheltenham hospital as an outcome of my GP visit and discussion around the continuing headaches which seem to be not as bad as they were since I’ve stopped chewing gum, GP thought it might be jaw drop, visit to dentist he told me my jaw was clicking but not enough to have a thing made for my mouth, maybe they are tension headaches after all. However I was getting these funny, bubbles on the left side of my vision, in tarmac, concrete, shale, not in the gym and not at home and no not any illegal drugs so Doc referred me to eye consultant!

Anyway two lots of eye drops one to measure pressure and one to dilate pupils and check both eyes, and guess what I can’t drive for 3/4 hours, so I make my way to the cafĂ© get a cup of tea and a sandwich, do not fancy sitting in the hospital so go and sit in the car listen to the radio, phoned all and sundry, Kate, Charles, Dad, to while away the 3-4 hours, put my seat back have a snooze.

Thursday I met up with Rachel at Cotswold Conference Centre for lunch and saw John, Rosie, Jane and others, and got a guided tour round the new accommodation.

Friday Nik working from home I did some too, went to visit my chap in Broadwell, they’re both seeming better, Ed worked Friday night.

Saturday Ed working at the pub again Nik and I went to the cinema to see ‘The Lucky One’, it was good.

On Sunday, Andrew and Kath called in to see us, with some great news about Mike and Cher. We had had a late start to the day so went off to get our Sunday roast and later on the 3 of us went for a walk to bluebell wood near Snowshill, I managed to walk right the way through it and back onto the road, a good circuit really chuffed with myself, as the picture shows, pity the day didn't end too well.

w/c 7th

Bank Holiday Monday, pissy awful rainy day, Nik made some ginger biscuits which were very nice.

On Tuesday, I had a press day at the gym for the alter G treadmill, videoed and interviewed by Different Strokes and Richard Henman, brother of Tim, who’s looking after the alter G PR.

The rest of the week was pretty boring really, did some CRM stuff.

Friday Harry’s birthday today, when Ed finished school today he started to do his D of E bronze practice expedition walking from school to Mickleton and camping overnight, getting up at 6am on the Saturday, striking camp and walked back to school for 1pm via Hidcote and Kiftsgate gardens, and managed to lose his mobile phone out of his pocket!

We went out with Martin and Mo on Saturday night to the Wheelbarrow Castle at Flyford Flavell, nice meal, unusual pub, no atmosphere at all, and didn’t feel too well the following morning either, great night……..??

Feeling so lethargic and not too good didn’t do a great deal, we wondered if it had been the food from last night, went out for a drive in the car, I didn’t even feel like walking, and didn’t eat very much. Quite a nice weekend.

w/c 14th

Nik worked from home Monday morning then headed up to Gateshead for 2 days/nights. I had a really bad pain on my left side by my rib so looked forward to my hydro in Cirencester on Monday afternoon, it was a really good session. I called Harry to wish him all the best and make sure he’d received his birthday card & money OK, spoke to Jenny and Lew. Dad called me, and I spoke with Charles too.

Ed did after school French, then he went to the gym to do boxing with Henry & Matt.
Tuesday got physio with Sandra, negative about the new DM Orthotic splint, foot still inverting, she didn’t like the Extensor said it wasn’t good for my fingers, we did some hand/arm work, and then I went to the surgery for a blood test.

Wednesday an hour with Dan, I worked with Margarita and Jabier to start with did some agility ladder work, forwards, sideways, crossways, then Dan arrived and we did some stepping up and down on the Reebok step, sitting and standing, my left butt ached and I slept very well. Nik came back from NE, he worked ‘til late.

Thursday, I did some CRM stuff, took Ed to Shipston High School for a talk by a chap from the National Space Centre, I called round to see Lesley for a natter and a cuppa. Nik was in the office, back late.

Friday – some lovely ironing to do so that Nik doesn’t have too much to do over the weekend. He was in London for a meeting with Stuart! Ed worked at the pub.

Saturday - Ed went to the cinema in Stratford with Matt &Henry to see the new Avengers Assemble film. Nik and also went over to Stratford to get some bits and pieces for birthdays! Dad was in Kenilworth for an RMP reunion.

Sunday, nice lie-in, we skyped Charles and told both him and Edward where we are going on holiday in July, oh we’re going to Barbados’. Nik did the lawns I did tea, another nice weekend.

w/c 21st

I did all my usual Monday morning stuff, Tesco shop, catch up on emails, fbk, etc I thought it was going to be my last hydrotherapy session today, however as it is an odd day next week followed by a Bank Holiday they asked if I’d like to go next week, yes please, it seems to be doing my arm a lot of good, except there is no pool nearby for me to go to. Picked Ed up from cricket after school, they won and are in the County quarter finals.

Tuesday did some crm stuff, did some washing & ironing – exciting or what! lovely hot sunny day about 20c collected Ed from after school chemistry revision.

Wednesday – Ed’s 15th birthday, where did those years go? I am over to Dan for a session, whilst trying to dodge any Olympic torch traffic as its due in Cheltenham today. I went on the alter G for 45 minutes at 1.5km per hr a good session, I was knackered afterwards.

Thursday, didn’t really do a great deal a wee bit of crm stuff, and got things ready for tomorrow and the weekend.

Friday – and it’s my 50th birthday, I had a nice brekkie in bed up and off to Jannine’s to get my hair done for this evening. Nik carried on to Stratford to collect Charles from the station. We went out for lunch at Batsford Arboretum, and then home. Dad and Jen O arrived at about 4pm, they are staying at Arreton B&B for the night, which was really nice to see them both, so we opened our first bottle of fizz, had a good catch up with them, opened cards and pressies, lovely book to keep momentoes in. I phoned everybody, Alice, our Dave and Cath, Jenny called to wish me all the best, Kath and Andrew arrived, we opened some more fizz and the afternoon just flew by I think Charles was getting embarrassed, we sat outside the weather was so good! So into the evening and a great get together of good friends at the Great Western, except they did no food for us.

Saturday Nik and I went off to the Scarlet a hotel at Mawgan Porth in Cornwall for the weekend just the two of us, lovely hotel, just adults and no real mobile signal, except Nik did manage to have access to Facebook, yes sad but true, who really needs social media cyber friends when you are meant to be chillin aaawwwt wit ya womaaaaan! A great weekend away.

w/c 27th

Monday spent the morning catching up on e-mails and Facebook messages, in the afternoon I went to my last hydrotherapy session at Cirencester, I really feel it is doing my arm some good.

Tuesday the monthly Connect meeting in Cheltenham at Hesters Way resource centre, it went well and we met our new lady Julie who has taken over from Laura, afterwards I was off to Cheltenham hospital to do my Connect stroke ward visit, saw Emma and some of the other girls I know including Tash, spoke to 3 new people, the ward is looking very empty and quiet.

Wednesday – I had to postpone my session with Dan as I was feeling tired probably after yesterday, I can’t be superwoman all the time and must ‘manage my fatigue’, so I rested, dozed/slept and pretty much did sweet f a, except catch up on typing this!

Thursday, Nik took me over to OCE for more botox in my calf and bicep, it really seemed to hurt this time, I saw Jo the physio who told me the research results were out I had been most improved on step/stride, Fi who looked after me in the JR when I initially had my stroke, she started physio with me. I called onto the ward just to see how everybody was, and it was nice to see Wendy and some of the nurses.

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