Monday, 2 April 2012

March 2012- speech and beach!

1st – 4th

So we start with St David’s Day, Ric in Florida’s birthday, and I still have my f’ing headache, got an appointment at 5pm tonight with own GP. Thankfully she is at last referring me for a CT scan, God knows when but hey it’s in the system.

Ed had a Physics exam on Friday. Nipped over to Stratford on Saturday. Last minute invite next door to have a lovely meal with Gavin and Stuart, Mark and Sharon, lobster and prawns to start with followed by sea bass and butterscotch tart – a very nice evening, after a crappy day.

Up early Sunday to get to Ed to rugby for a game at Barker Butts, came back and had a bath, my second in a week and they get better, easier, each time!

w/c 5th

Jenny’s birthday, Nik in London for two days, I saw Sandra, community physio and we went through my leg exercises and also tried my electrodes on my right leg, there was some good movement from my ligaments/muscles, whatever!  Ed has after school French. Spoke to Jenny, wished her all the best, spoke to Dad and skyped Charles.

Tuesday over to see Dan and I did more strengthen balance work using the agility ladders, side stepping, backwards, forwards, left, right I did 24 reps where I normally do 18, I was knackered. I sat on a chair and did some arm stretching, up, down, side to side. Again I was knackered. Ed went babysitting up the village. Nik came back from London. We got good news about the Gloucs. younger stroke survivor network being one of 30 finalists for the Gloucestershire Echo Wish to get some funding for us.

Wednesday follow up asthma clinic to see if my blow has improved and it has slightly so keep using my becotide! Then running around for Nik, dry cleaners, cash, euros, ready for the rugby weekend away, then on to Fosseway Garden Centre to meet Caroline Seguro for a coffee and lunch with little Phoebe.

Thursday – didn’t do a great deal, well in fact actually I did, washing and ironing so it didn’t need to be done over the weekend, leaving it free.

Friday, over to Broadwell to see my new befriendee, he is doing OK, a little more speech and had a good chat with his partner. Nik went over to Gloucester on a quick call. When we were both home we went for lunch at Batsford, I told Nik about my funny vision and the ‘molehills’ I see, have seen at the doctors and on our car park, so that was it he said right we’re going over to A&E at Cheltenham to get it checked out once and for all, no scan, but I am in the system should know within next 2 weeks I had a complete check over again, and came away with some Co Dydramol to take for my continuing headache, Nik checked with the doctor if he was OK to go away for the weekend.

So off Nik went to Stuart’s for the night and then tomorrow they get Eurotunnel across to Calais and then on to Paris for the rugby England v France. Ed was working at the pub. I went to Sharon and Mark’s, with Gavin and Stuart, for Mark's birthday and their housewarming. It was lovely, I had a really nice evening.

Saturday and Ed and I heading over to Bicester Retail outlet for some retail therapy mostly on his part, spending all his hard earned cash. We had a really lovely day, no hassles, no arguments or shouting,  in fact we had a great laugh, he pushed me round in the wheelchair and stopped off at shops he or I wanted to go in, he paid for lunch and it was all just great, a lovely, lovely day with my young man.

Sunday and we’re both up, dressed and off to the rugby club for 10, picking up Henry on the way, it is achievable. They were playing against Worcester and won 24-0, Ed played for about 15 minutes, it was nice to watch him play, as we’re always too late to watch by the time we get there. Saw my ‘molehills’ getting out of the car at the rugby club. We stayed after the game and had a chat, good natter with Maree, Milly and Jayne. We came home to watch the England game and managed to see Nik and the boys on TV. Ed helped me do the tea, steak, mash and tarte au citron with cream. We skyped Charles, Dad called to see how I was. All in all it was a very nice weekend.

w/c 12th

Monday and not a great deal on, Nik was travelling back from Paris arriving back home at 9pm, Ed at school and afterschool French.

Tuesday and I’m over to Dan’s for an hour’s session, I did some balance and strengthening over the agility training ladder again, 6 reps of each exercise, and then 10 minutes on the TechnoArmbike.

Wednesday I got a call from Gloucs Echo wanting a picture of the younger stroke group for the Wish launch issue on Monday. Called at doc’s to collect my prescription they asked how I was, told them headache still there and about my ‘molehills’, saw them again on the car park.

Thursday, I was due to go back to the Doctors for yet another headache check-up, but they called me to let me know I have a CT scan appointment tomorrow at 12.00 at Cheltenham. I did some telephone calls and updating on d/b.

Friday, Nik is working from home, off to Cheltenham for my CT scan and it went well need to follow up results with my Doc, did some ironing, and collected Charles from Stratford station as he is coming down for Mother’s Day on Sunday, it was really great to see him, haven’t seen him since Christmas.

Saturday, Nik went out on his bike, Charles helped me on my presentation for Wednesday night. I finished the ironing, we went to Fosseway Garden Centre and I walked the full length of the car park without my stick, approx. 100 metres.

Sunday, breakfast and pressies in bed then nipped over to Stratford for some shopping, Annette was my personal dresser in Next! We then went to Ask in Moreton for my Mother’s Day meal, and it was great, took Charles back to the station so he could head back to Lancaster. A nice weekend.

w/c 19th

I worked on my speech and Powerpoint presentation for the gala dinner on Wednesday night and got it sorted and finished.

Tuesday a follow up appointment at the Doctor’s after my scan, it showed nothing untoward, Doc gave me complete checkover, jaw joint, eyes, temperal artery, thinks possibly jaw drop, told him about my ‘molehills’, so he’s referred me to see an eye specialist, he suggested I see my dentist about my jaw, blood test on Thursday. From there a whizz over to Cheltenham to meet Dan from D M Orthotics and try on my new lycra leg orthosis, , demo’d the lycra leg to Dan S doing some of my ladder work. So no real session as such with Dan Fivey. 

Ed had rugby training
I went over to Jannine’s to get my hair done nicely for tonight, it’s the gala dinner at the ‘Striving for Stroke’ event at the Bristol Marriott for the Avon. Gloucs, Somerset and Wilts Stroke network, and I talked about my stroke story:

Thursday night was Ed’s Parents Evening and it went well, if he cuts out the chat and general tomfoolery he is quite capable of getting A, and A*. On the plus side his English is much improved and his coursework has been good too.

Friday Nik had a call out to a customer on Anglesey with a complaint, so I decided to go with him, we went to Cable Bay and said hi to Mum, a bit of fun getting off the beach!

Saturday, was a strip the beds, do the washing and ironing day, lovely weather for it too, 22c, which was fun, not, but just doing ordinary everyday stuff.

Sunday, Ed has an away game at Towcester, I dropped him down to the club for 9am, and he came back at 1.30pm they won 44-5. Nik caught up on the gardens and he mowed front and back. Spoke to Andrew Keeling, Helen’s brother,  he’s had a brain haemorrhage and 3 strokes. Myra’s birthday today.

w/c 26th

oooo very excited I went off to Cirencester this afternoon to try hydrotherapy, and it was far more successful this time, I enjoyed it, I ached however it did me good, I was knackered and my gluts ached. Spoke to Dad. Did some CRM stuff.

Anne-Marie’s birthday today, sent her good wishes. I should have seen Dan this morning, however, he hadn’t written me down so thankfully after yesterday’s session at the pool we postponed until next Tuesday. I did go to Cheltenham to the hospital stroke ward to do my Connect work, met 3 lovely people, 2 men and a lady. I did some CRM stuff.

A bit of a lazy day caught up on some t.v., did some washing, hung it out, then went and picked up younger Connect chap and we both went over to the younger stroke network meeting in Cheltenham at the Norwood Arms. Louise had asked me to do my speech from last week! We had a good meeting lots going on at the moment.

Thursday, Nik in the office, Andrew and Kath came up to take me out for lunch and we went to Batsford arboretum, it was lovely we sat in the sun on the verandah and got a bit of a tan.

Friday and Nik was working from home, I should have seen my chap in Broadwell however it got postponed due to illness. So I did some CRM stuff. Ed worked at the pub, Nik and I nipped up to Tesco and the garden centre to get a few bits and pieces.

Ed’s rugby team played at the VP’s day against a touring Welsh side from Narberth it was a good well matched game, Ed got some good tackles in.

Today is a year on from me leaving the Oxford Centre for Enbablement, and hey look at me now!

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