Thursday, 1 March 2012

February - Valentines month and snow!

1st – 6th I had my last visit to my older Connect chap, we played dominoes a few times, and went through his photo-book which we haven’t done for a while, and he did really well. Ed had Astronomy after school I picked him up.

We had to get the carpet man back to re-clean the carpets, especially where I had thrown the roll-on deodorant to Ed, he missed it, and it smashed across the floor in the hall, carpet man did a good job.

Friday and Nik was in London. I went for a Gastro check up at the J.R. Oxford, all went well and I nipped up to the stroke ward to see the staff there, Alice, Bev and Rocel were pleased to see me and see how well I’m doing.

Very cold this weekend and we had snow on Saturday. Henry came over to do the Astronomy work with Ed, then mid-afternoon snow started to fall, and it carried on through the night so we awoke to about 1.5” of snow on Sunday, no rugby and Kate unable to travel down for a sleepover. I was envious of people out and about in the snow, walking, sledging, so Nik took me up to one of our fave spots near bluebell wood to go walking in the snow, it was fab loved it, another tick

w/c 6th I went over to Dan’s for an  hour’s session and did strengthening and balancing work, walking through the ladder, side stepping, and diagonally stepping. On the Vibrogym we did some work on my left hand and arm with arm up above head and to the side  some one-legged squats and lunging using both legs and no hands holding on!

I did some Bonwyke stuff on Tuesday, txt Dan and Jen to say I was thinking of them both as it’s 5 years since our lovely Mum passed away after a very brave battle against oesophagus cancer. Dad called me later on. It’s also two years since Kate Allatt had her brainstem stroke, and just look at her now.

Trip to Doc’s for an asthma check-up managed to blow 290 but need to improve to over 300, so I’m back again next month and take my salbutamol each day.

The weather took a turn for the worse today, we had snow and it was -3 this is our winter I think. Friday was colder and we hit  -10 and more snow overnight, school was still on and thankfully Nik at home so he cleared the path before heading off to Malvern. I was out with the girls for a Ladies Curry night at the rugby club, it was great and live music had a dance. Ed worked at the pub. On Saturday for Andrew’s birthday met up with him and Kath at the Village Pub in Barnsley,  It’s part of Barnsley House Hotel and Spa we all had a lovely meal, lovely pub too.

On Sunday Ed was due to have rugby coaching but it was cancelled as the ground was too hard due to weather, so off he went to the pub to earn some more monies! On Sunday Nik and I met Kate and Mark Allatt at the Saxon Mill for lunch they are staying near Warwick for a couple of days R&R together, which is nice for just the two of them, with Mark’s parents looking after the kids and taking them away too for the weekend. What a nice thought.

w/c 13th

Ed’s on half term this week, Nik has taken Monday and Tuesday off. We had a nice lazy start to Monday, recovering from the excess of food and drink over the weekend - and then went out for lunch at Batsford Arboretum I had a lovely meringue and got whipped cream all over my jacket sleeve! Tuesday was Valentine’s Day Ed was working at the pub in the afternoon. Nik and I went over to Stratford to do some shopping went tor M&S Simply Food to get our Valentines meal food, saw some of my old workmates whilst I was there. We had a lovely meal, and a lovely evening together. Ed walked next door’s dogs and this was the day that Milly went missing when Shirl walked them at lunch.

Wednesday was another test of my stamina, after some lovely long lie-ins up early as I had to be in Evesham at the dentist and hygienist for 9.20am, then whizzed over to Gloucester for our monthly Connect meeting and I made it in time. We had a good meeting Laura discussed the idea of the localised co-ordinators. I was slightly tired when I got home but coped well. I went to the doctors later on to get my spotty face checked over, got some cream to use for 3 weeks.

On Thursday Ed came over with me to do an hour’s session with Dan, we both did some ladder work strengthening and balancing, Ed went on the treadmill for 20 minutes and I was on the Vibrogym getting my arm and hand going, it was fun I think Ed was knackered! Skyped Charles.

Friday was Lesley’s birthday, Nik was in Essex. I did a pile of ironing and Matt came over to play on PS3. Ed worked at the pub.

Saturday we pretty much did bugger all, Ed and I played on my PS3 move game thing which was fun, and ‘Start the party’- not, at lunch we also had a terrible fit of giggles Nik wasn’t amused! I tried the FES on my leg see if it might help my foot drop as Kate had. Nik was going to go out on his bike and in the end left it too late to go. In the evening we went to Lesley’s Pasta Party, to celebrate her birthday, more eating and drinking a good evening.

Sunday I took Ed to rugby for 10 for his first game back after his broken collar bone, and he played a short time, they won 45-5. Nik did go out on his bike whilst I took Ed to rugby. We went to pick him up and an almighty scrap had taken place between the Under 17’s and a touring team from Preston. Not a good show at all for our younger rugby players.

w/c 20th

Ed back to school today, he had his polio and tetanus booster jabs, and Nik down to the office, he has a new starter for telesales. Dad called.

Pancake Day Tuesday, and 2 batches, 1 for Ed before rugby training and 1 for Nik and I of which I ate most bless him, I just scoffed. I had my first visit with a new befriendee in another local village. They have not had as good an experience as me with regards to the NHS, and community care that I had. I’ve had a headache today, which doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Wednesday haircut and colour with Jannine, a good chance for a natter and gossip, and my highlights back in new lady!

Headache no better today stayed in bed most of the day, Nik was on his way into the office, called him, having such a headache for almost 3 days now, got me thinking what happened to Kate and its scary, Nik turned back and came home. I called 999 and they said NHS Direct will call me back, waited 40 mins and nothing, Nik had also rung our surgery and left a message for our GP to call me, tried 999 again they will chase up my logged call, called our surgery and spoke to GP, he suggested I went through some exercises for dropped jaw! Still not happy with prognosis rang out of hrs service and ended up seeing a GP at Cheltenham hospital at 8.15pm he checked me over suggested it might be a tension headache,  he suggested I get an eye test, he asked if I had cataracts in my right eye, keep taking paracetemol, codeine OK to take too, feeling much relieved headed home to bed and a good night’s sleep excited about tomorrow.

Friday Nik and I went to London and had afternoon tea at the Ritz, I had tried to arrange this surprise for his birthday, however, you need to book 3 months in advance! So it was a Christmas pressie surprise. We drove straight to the steps and the valet/doormen arranged valet parking, we went and sat in the reception area and as we were early had a cuppa tea and a coffee.

We went for a small walk up Piccadilly which was nice to do, so busy I had to get in line and follow the pavement traffic! We got back inside the Palm Court and sat down for afternoon tea at 5.30pm, We were given a tea menu and chose which type of tea we wanted from it, the waiter brought a cake stand along with a selection of sandwiches: salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and dill, cheese and pickle, chicken and horseradish, we couldn’t believe how small the sandwiches were! The cakes were lovely as were the fresh cream scones with clotted cream and jam. The waiters did come round with seconds and we were both quite full, given the size of the sandwiches! Nik then took us for a tour of London by night, right up to the Tower of London area, saw the Shard all lit up, through the West End, Piccadilly Circus, and then home, I fell asleep surprise, surprise, it was a lovely day.

Saturday no lie in as Ed did a table top sale at the school and managed to make £35. Nik and I went over to see Dan had a 40 minute session, we were late and he was heading off to Kingsholm for a 10k charity walk, I did more ladder work, strengthening & balancing, and the it’s the first time Nik has seen me do it, he went on the Wattbike and cycled 17k.

Sunday able to have a nice lie in as Ed got a lift with Sam to rugby, local derby game against Stratford and they won 22-10, Ed played on the wing for about 15 mins enjoyed it too. Nice Sunday roastie chicken lunch. Charles called to see how I was.

w/c 27th

Monday and I’m off to Gloucester to meet with others from Connect, Sally-CE, Mel, Laura and Tony to meet with the commissioners involved in funding Connect and discuss our stroke experiences and our befriender work. It was a good and interesting meeting to take part in. I rested in the afternoon, as I still have a headache. Dad called to see how I was.

Tuesday Nik is up in Scotland – Glasgow measuring up a job. I rested in the morning and then off to Cheltenham hospital stroke ward to do my Connect work, met and spoke with 3 lovely people.

Wednesday, quiet morning, resting as I still have my headache, it ain’t going away, in the afternoon I collected my young befriendee from Moreton and we went to our Gloucs younger stroke survivor group meeting at the Norwood Arms in Cheltenham, Chris gave a very good talk about understanding brain injury, he had attended a Headway training day and it was very informative, then Louise did a picture quiz which was fun, we teamed up into three’s, results to be announced!

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