Monday, 25 July 2011

July - holiday time!

1st Off to JR today to see Prof Keshav in IBD Clinic for my UC. Pleased with progress had some blood tests likely to be on drug for at least 7 years.

2nd Dan today and achieved personal best on treadmill - see separate post PB.

Nik off for 2 days leading up to hols, we went for a walk round the Batsford stud island and where I only used to walk 50 yards I walked all the way round, Oi what do I look like! Am I the child or the horse - no comments!

6th HOLIDAY TIME off on our hols to Cyprus, fantastic customer service and disability assistance from BA at T5 Heathrow, we have never been through customs security, etc so quickly.

I have been in the pool most days doing hydrotherapy, with Kate's float and neck float,  I fell back first time into pool, neck float saved me banging my head on the floor, I walked around in sandals using my first OCE splint and walked in my neoprene shoes with no splint, Great to wear sandals, Nik said it was nice to see my painted red toe nails after 12 mths of trainers only.

We went to Nicosia to have a look at the old fortified town and areas that had been hit by the Turkish invasion, very hot day – temp in car reached 46 degrees, we were ready for the pool when we got back.  And we had a BBQ courtesy of some lovely pork chops from Piggy’s Butchers.

We went to Agia Thekla beach, so looking forward to being at the beach, Ed hired a canoe for half an hour, I managed to walk along the beach and into the sea using my stick. I looked like Moses ready to part the waters! 
Sometimes you have a reality check to all this bravado, I wanted to run into the water, I wanted to go snorkelling and canoe with Ed, I wanted to go diving in clear blue waters, why don’t the shits of the world have strokes, I’m a nice person, why me, but I can’t and that’s the really painful part, I can’t now but when can I, when will I be able to, when you are away from all that is familiar, your surroundings your comfort zone, reality and a cruel realisation that I can’t do a great/perfect dive with both feet together, kicks in big time, so there were some tears today.

I managed to finish reading Kate’s book “Running Free" ”, I know I didn’t have LIS but we have so many things in common and being able to relate to her experiences, watching food programmes, when the hospital food is shite, naming nurses and patients, being stubborn and bolshy stretching the boundaries in physio, even our hubbies relaxing by mowing the garden and going bike riding, and trying to maintain dignity when faced with toileting problems.
We had some lovely meals out : Blueberries - thank you Paul for that recommendation! Nik and Ed enjoyed the views! Sage was another nice restaurant, we went there on my stroke anniversary and raised a glass to me, and us for getting through an awful year. The Chicken Shack for kleftico and stifado + Greek salad. Zafiri was OK for a snack and their menu was slightly improved. Have we been Tango'ed.

Scary time first night, Ed rolled back his covers and found the mother of all spiders if he was scared God knows what Charles would have been like.

Fun times in the pool espec with Bob L’eponge and lets find Ed’s stuff in the hedge, over the wall and in the neighbouring gardens! You had to be there! We played volleyball and I came up with a great new phrase which will remain at PF, the boys know what I mean, a touch of stroke Tourettes!

We went a drive to Cape Greco and then round the coast to Protaras, down to the sea caves where some lads were tomb stoning, I was jealous, previously I would have done what they did jumping from cave top into clear blue water, not this year maybe next time.
On stroke anniversary I ended up in hospital. Won’t go into all detail let’s say I ended up seeing a Greek gynaecologist and leave it at that, I’m OK and seeing our own GP on return home.

We have chilled a lot, Nik has so needed this break in fact we all have, my stroke has been quite an impact on our little family unit, and we have had some good times and bad times, some very emotional and tearful times too, however that comes with the stroke, soul searching and being realistic about what I can achieve. I know I won’t get back 100% but I will try bloody hard to get as near as damn it.

After 6 loads of holiday washing and a trip to the launderette all holiday stuff sorted ironed, put away - how quickly and easy is it to get back into normality?!

Went to Andy and Kath’s had a lovely roast dinner with them.

First week back into routine Ed back at school for a week then breaks up for that most joyful time of year - school hols.

Had an hour’s physio with Sandra and saw orthotist Steve again to re-look at new splint and its OK, much better, sorted.

Dawn and Louisa came to update me about work and to see what my plans are regarding work.

Charles came to stay for a week, train to Stratford then bus to here – easy peasy. He’s had good results following his first year at Uni 64% and 67%, and is off to Kos for a week with his mates on 27th.

I went to JR for a follow up with Dr HS, all is OK, he’s referring me to the Stroke Clinic following results of my 5 day ECG, to see if I can come off Warfarin. He would like me, as I had suggested when I was there, to help form a committee or Friends of OCE. Called into OCE saw Corinna and Ali.

Went to Trulife and tried out the Walkaide FES and it was OK, leg/foot worked well, just the cost of £2100 to consider!

23rd – saw Dan for 1st session since return from hols just needed to unstiffen everything, and good sess with new splint, used Balance Master and armgym, did some squats managed to roll onto tum and did leg curls.

Ed has worked 4 shifts over the weekend, Nik and I had a nice meal Saturday night and then we went for a lovely picnic Sunday afternoon, which had its own bit of frivolity, again I’ll spare the detail on that one – yes I am a nutter Kate! Takes one to know one!

Charles went off on hols this wk with Uni mates for a week in Kos, after much ear bending from me, take care, do this don’t do that typical Mum mode.
I had an hour of physio with Sandra at the hospital, just after I had breast screening which was super on my hypersensitive affected side!
Nik and Andrew went to Osmington reliving childhood memories and had a great time and lovely lunch at the Smugglers.

Dad’s 75th birthday on 29th followed by a party on Sat 30th to celebrate it, and it’s also our 4th wedding anniversary. Nice to be able to celebrate it properly this year.
At Dad’s party lovely to see all the rellies and friends, people I haven’t seen since the stroke, others I haven’t seen in ages, and new friends to make, great comments received on the day and after, really buoyed me up, Great to see you all on Saturday, so pleased Sue that you are doing so very well, we really admire your determination and we hope you will continue to progress and Nick's support has been paramount.
Lovely lovely food, good speech by Dad. Managed to take Ed to see Jodrell Bank which he liked given his interest in space and astronomy.
Came back to a session with Dan, in new foot splint, did 10 mins on the Balance Master, VibroGym 10 mins of squats then a go with the stretchy band on the wall pulling on it out in front, round to side getting arm working. Need to do leg curls lying on tum - fun!. Bend knee/leg to put foot onto cushion/pillows. 

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