Thursday, 1 September 2011

August - not a warm one!

Contacted Nik’s vein man with regard to getting him into hospital to get his leg sorted as he’s been putting off because of me. Appt now thro for 29.9.2011.

Saw GOL, OT lady from Cirencester to sort out arm splint and its better I don’t always have to wear it at night, thank God!

Teresa came here for me to sign Connect volunteer agreement, all OK she has somebody at Cheltenham she would like me to go and see. Physio with Sandra at home today looking to try FES on my leg see if it works/helps.

Then on Friday I had an 1.5 hrs familiarisation driving lesson with BSM chap from Cheltenham, it was great went well, dealt with steering wheel ball and controls fine, can’t wait for my car now!

Session with Dan on Sunday, Nik on bike Ed on Wii, I was trying the alter G with my new splint on, so started at slower speed so foot/leg doesn’t invert, so did 30 mins at 1km, find a happy medium that’s comfortable and doesn’t hurt foot, did 5 mins of squats, did some foot placement on squidgy pink cushion, and therein lies another story.

Ed and Henry out delivering leaflets for the pub’s Beer and Cider Festival in September with quiz night proceeds going to Fighting Strokes.  Henry here for a sleepover. Then all 3 boys Matt, Henry and Ed went to the gym and Ed had sleepover at Henry’s.

Usual physio with Sandra we worked on my arm, fingers had been extremely tight the previous night, so we worked on my arm and hand.

Bev took me for a check-up at the dentist in Evesham they hadn’t seen me since December and could see a vast improvement in my walking, nothing done all OK.

An hour’s physio with Sandra, reviewing the goals we set in April and going through work I can do whilst she is on holiday and looking to reduce number of visits instead of once a week maybe once a month - good old NHS!

Jane and I went for a walk different route, we went towards the cemetery – dead centre of the village  – old joke Sue, and first time in my new splint and did OK, it started to rain a bit but we sat on the bench and sheltered.

It was my nephew, Lewis's 11th birthday on 16th he celebrated it on Anglesey, with the rest of the family.

The car adaption people – Disabled Care and Mobility – called to say they’ll be having my car in and where do I want the adaptions fitting so I’m going over to check it out.

We had to cancel a Sunday session with Dan ‘cos he was a poorly boy with gastric flu, so we’re seeing him on Wednesday evening. And I tried some more, slower walking on the treadmill with the new splint, and it improved, spent half an hour at a slower pace. Did some squats too.

Friday, checked out car and where the adaptions need to go. My old school pal Karen Sibilia, was due to visit with her kids Macy and Sam but had to cry off because Macy had chickenpox so poss. meet in 2 wks time.  I start a 5 week course of acupuncture at our GP surgery, something that Kate tried and recommends, so I have nothing to lose doing it. It went OK, and as predicted I felt pretty tired so I slept well.

Saturday went to do some picnic shopping for tomorrow. I got a really bad headache in the same area as my stroke so we came home and I went to bed for a couple of hours. In the evening we went over to Stratford to see the final Harry Potter film in 3D.

On Sunday we met up with Kath and Andrew at the Oxford Air Show, Henry came with us. The boys had a great time on the fair rides. Nik and Andrew enjoyed the planes, Kath and I just chilled and people watched whilst eating and drinking!

Charles did well in his cricket final for the 2nd team. Then he came down for the week, train to Stratford then bus to here, and arrived in time for lunch – easy quick journey!

We had a good week, good laugh, couple of walks, exercise for me. 2nd session of acupuncture it went well, but I don’t see any real difference or benefit yet.

Ed did 3 days of football camp with Jamie R – District Sports. I had a blood test to check all is OK with U.C drugs.

Saw Dan on Saturday morning, he had enjoyed the V Festival the previous weekend, I did a good mixed session starting off on Vibrogym working on my hand/arm to warm it up, get the blood circulating, some good arm stretches above and to the side, and lifting/bending both left and right knees. 10 minutes of squats on Vibrogym, 10 minutes on Balance Master and 5 minutes on Technogym Armbike. Nik did a good session on the Watt bike. What bike?! and Ed did some work on his arms and legs using the elastic stretchy bands.

Great Bank Holiday weekend with family, went to see Kath and Andy, had a BBQ lots to eat and drink, Nik did some film work for them on windows. Went to Lower Slaughter Fete had a walk along the river and a nose at the ‘tat’ stalls!

Gloucs. Younger People Stroke Network meeting on 31st at Waitrose, Cheltenham, meet Caroline’s maternity leave cover lady, Louise. We had a good meeting, some new faces, events info given out and I suggested we have our own Facebook page, so Mark and Tony going to look at it.
Countdown to car day!

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