Thursday, 30 June 2011

Flaming June - or not!

Wednesday 1st   Nik home early so we went for a walk round Lower Slaughter. Good weather.

2nd Community physio with Sandra cancelled again cos of her back.

3rd Nik had the day off and we went down to Clevedon, via Bristol picked up Andrew and went past Grandma’s house in Portishead. Kate Allatt’s birthday today she is a crazy Gemini like me!

A really good hour’s session with Dan, Dan training man, 30 minutes on treadmill at 3.3km and incline of 8, 8 minutes on Balance Master, then to get my pecs loosened I went on the Technogym arm bike for 5 minutes. Boy did my arms ache!

Didn’t want pub meal or chippies on way home, went for healthy salad from Waitrose!
4th  We went to Big One Motability Car Day at Stoneleigh to try the cars I quite fancy, just getting in and out of them to see which has the best access and draw up a shortlist – Ford C Max and Focus, Mini.

Ed went with his mates to Scuttlebrook Wake/games.

Birmingham Sunday Mail/Mercury article appears and it’s very good, with a tad of journalistic license!

5th  Went out for a lovely belated birthday lunch with the girls from Educare at the Teddington Hands on the way to Tewkesbury fantastic food,  great time!. Nik went out on his bike 56.24 for his usual circuit.

6th Should have had hydrotherapy today at Cirencester again, thankfully I hadn’t arranged transport as they cancelled it this morning! Ed has Maths tests today and tomorrow.

7th Painter came to do the hall ceiling and I managed to walk from kitchen to Nik’s office carrying a cup of coffee for him and no spillage – another tick!
 Nothing very exciting really this week. There was a Gloucs Younger People Stroke Network meeting on Friday at Cheltenham but I was unable to make it cos' of a lift, really need to get a car sorted - maybe tomorrow! 
11th – Car hunting, had a test drive of Mini in Stratford and went to look at A class Mercedes. We had a good look round the shops at Maybird and we picked up Nik’s bike. The Rugby Club had clean- up day but we didn’t make it- sorry Lesley at least the kids will have more sweets!
12th – A visit to my favourite pain chamber with Dan,  30 mins on the treadmill at 2.4 -3km and at an incline of 10 (a bit like Blockley). 9 minutes of squats on the Vibrogym  Today Nik had a go on the treadmill for 12mins at 12 km, also spinning bike and Technogym arm bike, the boy done well!
13th – First thing a physio appt with Sandra, we looked at arm and hand work with some exercises to do at home. Went to see Giles about dry/hoarse throat he upped the Omeprazole.
14th/15th  With the help of a lift from Karen B I was able to attend a Befriending training course run by Teresa C  in Cheltenham, met fellow stroke survivors who want to help other survivors.
16th/17th – INR Blood test by District Nurse and then some exercise, a walk round Blockley well not all of it but a circuit from house, past shop, round park and back home with a lovely lady called Jane B, who Tim had put me in touch with, she had her stroke 11 years ago. I had a good time and really nice to meet and talk with Jane and her experiences, she had been to Rivermead at Oxford, which merged with OCE.

18th/19th – Yet more car hunting on Saturday,  looked at Kia Venga and relooked at Ford’s again, and gas man to look over boiler, Charles has his last exam today. Sunday is Father’s Day, rang Dad wished him all the best.  Best news of the day I was able to get into my lovely Per Una jeans again - combination of diet and keeping fit who knows I was well pleased! Andrew and Kath came up and we went for a nice bit of lunch at the Snowshill.

A session with my pain trainer sorry personal trainer - Dan on Sunday afternoon and I did 25 mins on treadmill at 3.4km, 9 mins of squats and some good free walking without stick up and down gym.

20th /21st Nik starts his role as Sales Director, and another little milestone for us as he’s staying down overnight at Alison and Andy’s, his first overnight stay since I’ve been home!

He did have some bad news though as Clarence Clemons from Bruce’s band died over the weekend following complications after a stroke. Some of us are lucky and some are not, just like the turn of the dice so ‘carpe diem’.

Debbie took me to Moreton hosp, not in Landie this time I had an hour's physio with Sandra today and we did standing/weight bearing on my left leg and then lift right leg. New orthotic fitted today, it is a Sporlastic Neurodyn-Spastic, basically a neoprene sock with straps to help correct my drop foot, lighter than the plastic one and easier to fit into shoes. Aches like hell I guess ‘til I get used to it, just like learning to walk all over again.

22nd/23rd Should have seen Teresa but she cancelled due to illness so nothing very exciting these 2 days to report!
24th Should have seen Dan today but he was doing 20 miles of a 100 mile charity walk with a blind man, so we postponed ‘til Saturday. We were going to Cheltenham anyway to look at more cars and guess what I ordered one – hurrah wheels and freedom here I come!  
25th Bit of a downer and weepy today. Training session with Dan today explained probs with splint which is what has pissed me off & made me down I was hoping the new splint would be better than it’s been, easier than solid plastic one, so we put that aside we had a good session, 9 minutes on Vibrogym doing squats, some lovely barefoot side stepping with stiff thick elastic band round ankles to get the glutes going boy did it ache, and then on/off a squidgy textured cushion barefoot. 25 minutes on the treadmill at 3.6km Nik went on treadmill for 15 mins at and then on Vibro to warm down, walked stickless up the studio, as you can see below - nice pose!  Nice salad from Waitrose and home to watch Glasto on TV.
26th – Off down to Bristol Foodie Festival, met up with Andy, Kath, Cher and Mike, fabulous weather down by Bristol Harbourside, trying all sorts of food and drinks, gin and tonic, brandy on ice, wine, cheeses, sausages and then back to theirs for a fab BBQ. A great family day was had by all.

27th  Early start for me today as I was being picked up at 8am by Caroline Seguro our TSA Peer Co ordinator for Gloucs and then meeting up with Caroline M and Jenny and we’re off to the first ever Stroke Assembly at the Hilton Metropole at Birmingham NEC,  Followed by press release to Cotswold Journal.

And Nik got to have a great day too he went out fishing in Bob’s boat they caught, mackerel, dogfish, black bream and smoothound shark. Charles at Uni all week to enjoy the end of year parties!   


28th New boiler day today I’m surrounded by dust sheets and chaos, hosepipes draining radiators, banging and drilling through and on walls, a nice thin layer of dust everywhere - and they didn't bother to clear up all the crockery taken out of the cupboard, great I really wished I was out all day and it had been done yesterday but hey c’est la vie!
29th  New arm splint today, had the old smelly one rearranged into a grip style with more upright wrist, Bev took me and then I had an hour’s physio with Sandra, told her about the new leg/foot splint and it is causing me to invert my foot, so only wear in short spells. A week to go to our hollys – hurrah!
30th Schools on strike today so Ed at home then Henry and him went into Campden. I had another good walk around the circuit with Jane B, she said I was walking a lot quicker, ‘got round like a ‘whippet’, all thanks to Dan’s work with the treadmill, we had a cuppa and cake back at ours. 6 days to jolly's!

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