Thursday, 9 June 2011

May - Birthday month and a bath!

1st May and more socialising

A joint 40th /21st for Steve and 21st for Becky his daughter  – had my first bath since the stroke – dirty cow! Ed stayed at Henry’s overnight. Fab weather this weekend.

The Party was at Slug and Lettuce, I danced to Ce Lo Green – ‘crip or spacker’ dancing I call it cos I can! Met lots of Nik’s old Durable colleagues.

2nd to 8th May

Charles goes back to Uni on 3rd, blood test for me to measure INR. Visits from gas man, carpet man – how I live the high life! 

On 4th May I have a trial session with Tim Spittle - personal trainer at Rapid FX a gym in the next village, Draycott, slightly nearer than Cheltenham but hey give it a go.

7th May  – good session with Dan, 20 mins on treadmill, 5 mins of squats on Vibrogym and 10m ‘free’ walking i.e. without stick!  Dan has lent us the Vibro sphere so I can do some hand and foot massage each day to improve circulation and warm up both before going for a session with him.

8th – Nik out on bike ride – 51 mins. for usual circuit.

9th to 15th May

9th and 11th – Community Physio sessions with Sandra at home.

10th – driving assessment at RDAC centre, Eynsham, great to be behind a wheel again, nervous at first but all went well and I passed – hurrah! I now know what adaptions I will need on my Ferrari, but Motability don’t do those!

11th – I manage to peg out a whole line of washing, menial to many but an achievement for me, who would ever of thought I would be chuffed about this! Another tick for me.

12th – Claire K came to visit for a natter/gossip, catch up on ‘that place’!

13th – Nik has good news on the work front,  promoted to Sales Director, and very well deserved too, so off we go to the Western to celebrate that and my driving! Had some pink fizz from Gavin and Stuart and a good natter with them.

14th – Haircut with Jannine and then off to Matt Keyte for a trial massage.

15th – session with Dan 25 minutes on treadmill, squats but took it easy due to sore butt last week !

16th to 22nd May

16th Skyped Dad and Charles.  Nik at NEC for IFSEC exhibition most of the week.

Tuesday 17th   I had an orthotics appt at Moreton on to be measured up for a new splint of some description, Debbie R took me in her Landie – which was fun getting into! Nik and Ed off to dentist, and both had nothing done.

Wednesday 18th – Had another trial session with Tim S. It went well. We had the pleasure of Mr P here overnight. We went for a lovely meal at The Horse and Groom, then the boys went for a ‘lasy’ at the Western.

Thursday 19th Back to OCE for some more botox to help keep the spasticity in my arm reduced. Nice to see everybody and they all thought I looked very well, showed the treadmill training pictures.

Friday 20th Pam S came to see me for a cuppa and a natter and brought some lovely flowers and a birthday card, nice to catch up with her. We collected Charles from Stratford, he came for birthday weekend.
Saturday 21st – yet more partying and dancing again! Maxine and Mark’s 100th Birthday party they were/are both 50 so they had a ‘do’ at the Rugby Club with a band, pig roast and disco – great evening!
Sunday 22nd  - Thankfully after last night an afternoon session with Dan, dropped Charles at station to get train back to Lancaster. 20 minutes on the treadmill at 3.6k and incline 9, and 7 minutes of squats!

23rd to 29th May

Monday 23rd Ed’s Birthday 14 yrs going on 42! Major teenager attitude.  Something I had looked forward to hydrotherapy at a pool in a school at Cirencester, organised by community physio, got a lift there via North Cots Voluntary care, as this doesn’t count as NHS community transport it cost me £32 and I was in the water for 10 minutes, so I was well pissed off! 

We’d had a suspect leak from the wet room onto the hall ceiling, Mears plumber came out previously said it was something it wasn’t, so architect and manager came out to check it, ceiling to be opened up and check for leak, crap day all in all. But we did go to the Great Western for a meal for Ed’s birthday.
24th Blood test for INR and telephone interview with Birmingham Sunday Mercury with regards to my stroke recovery, meeting Kate, discuss her book and how she has inspired me. Carpets cleaned.
25th – My Birthday, lots of nice cards and pressies. Went out for a meal to one of our fave places, ASK in Moreton. 
26th – Cancelled hour of community physio with Sandra – she’s hurt her back.
27th - Photographer came from Sunday Mercury to take pic to go with younger strokearticle.
28th/29th – Andy and Kath came had indoor BBQ cos’ weather was crap. Ed went shopping with the boys in Stratford, and went to cinema to see Hangover 2.
Sunday afternoon an hour’s session with Dan, stretching me further 18 minutes on treadmill on different speeds 2.4 up to 4.0km and 8 minutes of squats on Vibrogym OMG! Sunday night hot date off to cinema to see Hangover 2, hilarious and some hair raising moments thinking of Ed and mates watching it!  Weight – 89.4kg.
30th May – 5th June
30th Half term week and Charles end of 1st year at Uni exams start.  

31st  Back to Oxford JR to get the heart monitor fitted again as they cocked up on downloading last time richard heads!

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