Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tues 18th Jan OCE

(Nice 4am wake up call from Julie - loo).
Up early, well early’ish to do OT wash and dress with Corinna which I did fine, my only concern was walking back barefoot on the room floor which is slippy when wet I put my own leg splint on and learned to tie my laces one handed (with Becky’s help).
In physio I did some good walking techniques, weight bearing onto left leg bringing right leg through – happy tears at today’s session.
Ali (Senior Physio) and Jen did a RASP, this is and assessment of the sensitivity in my left leg and foot trying, hot, cold, sharp, dull. Jen has asked the Doc’s to look at my pain medication to see if pain can be lowered.

Went to OT social group and we did some painting we got into teams of 4, Ian Ian, Anne Marie and myself we decided to do an abstract painting just splashing the different colours of paint onto the canvas just like a Jackson Pollack!
In the afternoon I had two back to back sessions with Ruth psychologist and did all my cognitive assessments, which went well, she will report back on them and a copy report to Giles my GP. I saw Dr HS and mentioned the DVT stockings, he said talk to nurses.

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