Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Kate Allatt and Fighting Strokes

As my boys/menfolk well know I am not a huge fan of Facebook, however, if my sister Jenny had not read about Kate via a friend of hers/ours - Anna Hudson now Gowing, we would never have got in contact with each other.
Kate had a far worse stroke than me hers involved a clot on the brain stem which is known as Locked In Syndrome. It occurred last February and she walked out of hospital on sticks in October.

Kate has been an inspiration to me, we are both bloody minded and determined to beat this thing called stroke, and we encourage each other. As an outcome of her stroke Kate is starting a new charity called Fighting Strokes the logo and pic of us below. 

Kate has been nominated fo ra number of awards, has appeared in the Daily Mirror, Woman and Reveal magazines and has a number of TV programme appearances in the future. The charity is aimed at younger stroke survivors and those who have/had LIS.

FB link http://www.facebook.com/beatinglockedinsyndrome

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