Tuesday, 3 January 2012


1st – 4th

Ed has a mentoring day at school which went well a whole day off for 15 mins WOFTAM He did some dog walking for next door.

Back to school Friday and I went over to se Dan to do an hour on balance and strengthening, we haven’t done it for a while and boy did I ache afterwards, good for my arm though. Nik worked from home and had his car serviced.

On Saturday Ed went beating, first time in ages cos of his collar bone.  I had a nice soak in the bath before heading off down South to Fareham and Nik’s Christmas ‘do’  at a place called Estrellas in Lee, it was nice however, a lack of dancing and music made it quite boring. We stayed at Andy and Alison’s and on the Sunday we went into Portsmouth, had a look round Gunwharf Quays which was nice and went up the Spinnaker Tower.

w/c 5th

Well hopefully news this week regarding Olympic torch bearing. I went to a hypertension appointment at Doc’s. all OK. I then went to see my Connect chap in Swell we had a good natter and went through his photobook a few times which did him good.

Spoke to Jen, Lew had enjoyed Gang Show a good but tiring week, boys all OK.

Ed went ten pin bowling at Leamington, with school after school, and had a good evening.

Went to see my Connect chap in Moreton he had enjoyed the stroke group meeting and we went through his SALT folder to see the work he is doing. Picked Ed up from Astronomy.

Thursday, news received through that I hadn’t got the Olympic torch gig, disappointing really, nice to be nominated and I’m sure there are far more worthy people than me who will be doing it, it would have been good to highlight/raise awareness of stroke in younger people and the Fighting Strokes charity http://www.fightingstrokes.org/

I had an hour’s session with Dan, 50 minutes on the alter G treadmill did 2.25km at 3km p hr. – knackered!

Nik and I underwent Sage CRM training at home, another string to my bow.

On Saturday Ed is on a school astronomy project and sleepover at Henry’s. Nik and I had a nice day together just the two of us. We did some food shopping then went to get the Christmas tree and other bits and pieces.

Went to the rugby club collected Ed, he’d watched the team play and win against Earlsdon, Henry’s first game since doing his shoulder. Kath and Andrew called in to see us and ended up helping us with the decorations, which was fun……..!  It seems that some of our little furry friends attacked some of the berries on wreaths in the loft so we had to ditch some decorations. I wrote all our Christmas cards.

w/c 12th

Posted our Christmas cards. Then off to see my Connect chap at local village, and today we went through his photo book and pictures of vegetables, which I’d prepared for him plus using their Gardeners World magazines he did very well.

It is now 6 weeks since Ed broke his collar bone so on Wednesday I took Ed to hospital for an X-ray on his shoulder to check how it’s mending, consultant very pleased its mending well, still no rugby until end of January. We then went to see Dan for an hour’s session doing strengthening and balancing. I did some painful work on my arm on the Vibrogym, weather cold, arm/shoulder needed warming up, it hurt, then did some two legged and one legged squats for 1 minute on each leg, also did some lunging.  We then came back to Moreton for an hour’s physio for Ed, and then took him back to school. Spoke to Dad and discussed Xmas presents. Another interesting and varied day!

Went to see my younger stroke survivor in Moreton we discussed how he is getting on and their plans over Christmas. His SALT lady is sorting out an I-pad for him to help with speech, which will be really great for him, we will meet again in January.

On Friday I arranged to meet up with some of my fellow inmates at OCE, to see how we are all progressing, Anne Marie, Rob, Gaenor, Phil, and Stuart, and have a natter, a cuppa and mince pie with the staff. We all look very well and are progressing brilliantly, many of the staff commented on how well we are and how we look. Lots of great comments from everybody. Then in the evening Martin, Mo and Becky came over and we went to the Great Western for a meal.

Saturday we went over to Stratford to do some shopping, and finished with a Christmas coffee and cake in Costa. Sunday, final game of the season at rugby and for the mini’s their Christmas party.

w/c 19th

Over to Jannine’s for a haircut and colour for me and a trim for Nik. Home for lunch and then Ed had one of his cleaning jobs in our road, Ed the ‘Odd Job’ man, very entrepreneurial of him, he’s put card through our neighbours doors to see if they need any little jobs doing. He’s putting the money towards an I-pad!

Keeping up with my training, went over to Dan with Nik who did 40km on the Wattbike, I did some I minute 1 legged squats on each leg, then 1 minute lunging on each leg on the Vibrogym, some leg squeezing using the thick elastic band to help and increase muscles in knee/leg. Then I did 30 minutes on the alter G treadmill at 2.7km per hr. Doc’s appt in the afternoon to get some more blood from me.

Ed went beating, Nik and I did some present wrapping, domesticated stuff, beds, washing, ironing, all that sort of crap! Then we went up to Burford Garden Centre to get some more bits n bobs, spoke to Dad whilst I was walking round ! We went to the gym in the evening for drinks and nibbles, which was good to see the other trainers and clients, met the chap from alter G, Andy, who may want to use me as a brand ambassador, which will be fun, he will contact me in January.

Did further present wrapping and then went into Moreton to do some banking whilst Nik went for a walk to gather what he needs for fireplace decoration. Spoke to Charles to see what train he’s catching down for Christmas with us. Jenny O’s birthday today, left her a message and sent her a text. We collected Charles from Stratford rail station, he’s here with us for Christmas which is just great as he hasn’t been for a few years I am well pleased.

Christmas Day was a nice relaxed morning opening pressies, then round to Stuart and Gavin’s for bubbles with Shirl, Andy and the girls. Afterwards we went up to the Western for drinkies met Caroline Austen, Alec and Delia. Back home got the dinner on and then Stuart and Gavin came round for some bubbles and nibbles, we didn’t have a repeat of 2 years ago when I drunkenly forgot to do the roasties! We were so stuffed we didn’t have dessert until 9pm!

On Boxing Day we all went to Andrew and Kath’s along with Mike, Cher and Defur for a sumptious feast of roast beef, Yorkshires and all the trimmings, it was lovely we played some great family games, film quiz, Catchphrase and Articulate, it was great fun, we stayed over and had a lovely cooked breakfast the following day.

Wednesday and unfortunately Charles had to go back as he had visitors on the Thursday, at night we went to the Great Western for the Christmas quiz which was in aid of Fighting Strokes and we managed to raise £310 from the quiz entry fee, raffle, and selling the FS wristbands. Stuart and Gavin did it, and of course it was Sharon and Mark’s last one.

We didn’t do a great deal on Thursday, bought the ingredients for the curries we were cooking for New Year’s Eve at the Peacocks in Tonbridge, Kent.

So we spent Friday morning cooking curries, the house stank, Ed went to the shop and on the way back said he could smell the curry at the back of Gavin and Stuart’s. – nice!
We drove down to Peacock’s Friday afternoon and met up with two other couples; Chris and Linda, Mark and Lou, and their kids. We had fireworks it was great we had a lovely time, got to bed at about 2.30am, drank lots of fizz and slept very well, drove back after our roast pork and cheese with port getting back at 11pm and here endeth December and 2011.

A very challenging year at times, personally, mentally, physically  and emotionally, but hey I/we got there and can look forward to more goals and challenges in 2012.

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