Tuesday, 6 December 2011

November - A Year on from leaving hospital

w/c 31st - 4th

Ed back at school this week + sling. I went over to Cheltenham Hospital, to do my Connect work on the stroke ward met some lovely chaps, a Scouser and a chap twice my age! Giving lots of encouragement and that there is life beyond stroke.

Back to hospital again for Ed and the fracture clinic, it’s a definite broken collar bone, no sport for 3 months, no beating and no job at pub, so Ed not a happy bunny, gutted in fact. I had an hour’s training with Dan and did 2.3km at 2.9km p hr on the alter G treadmill, really great going, really helping with my walking immensely.

Spoke to Dad on Skype. We’ve had to get community care in to help me with my trainers and splint in the morning, ‘cos this is a little job that Ed does for me before he goes to school. I said to Nik, these little bits and pieces Ed does for us, to help us, you don’t realise until we have a situation like this. On Friday went over to Jannine’s for haircut n colour.

Fireworks at pub cancelled ‘cos it was raining and they’d gotten wet anyway!

w/c 7th

Went to see my Connect chap in Moreton for a natter and catch up to see how they all are and how he’s progressing, talking is improved.

Over to Cheltenham hospital again for a Connect meeting with Tony, Laura and Julie to discuss way forward with hospital visits. I had a half hour training with Dan on the alter G 1km at 3.3kmp hr on a 5 incline.

Following day back to O C E for a 6 weeks follow up on baseline measures after having botox in my leg. Friday night we went to Mark and Sharon’s evening wedding reception at the pub, lovely time great to catch up with people.

At the weekend we went shopping in Stratford, walking good around the shops, improving each time. Great weather, nice and sunny. Went to Rugby club on Sunday to watch Shippo versus Stow, good result 27 – 10 to us, again great weather sat outside the club having a beer or two.

Received letter from work Educare regarding Ill Health Capability Hearing, and just decided to resign, called LF, discussed and parted very amicably.

An hour and a half training with Dan today on the alter G treadmill, 2.39km at 2.9km per hr. in an hour and then some Vibrogym work on my left hand and arm. Then as I left lovely to see Caroline on my way out for her next session.

At weekend whilst Nik went to barbers, I hoovered round upstairs to the best of my ability well I thought so anyway….! Then in the afternoon, we defrosted the freezer, that's living isn't it 4 yrs worth of ice, we can’t find where it’s plugged in so had to use a hairdryer and other implements to do it but got there in the end!

Sunday we planned to go down to Westonbirt but the car got warning light/message so we abandoned that idea and went to the Snowshill for lunch instead, which was nice.

w/c 21st

Off to meet a chap at Dan’s, another Dan from DM Orthotics  http://www.dmorthotics.com/products/  my foot  was measured up for a lycra sock which may help the dorsiflexion in my foot. It went well looks good, no funding from NHS though towards it.  So need to look at other options if possible maybe charity funding.

Afterwards went to meet Jane W for a cuppa at the Little Chef near work.

Connect meeting in Gloucester, went very well, we had some new befrienders, discussed our Christmas ‘do’ - in January!

Took Ed for a check-up at Cheltenham hospital on his broken collar bone, all going well, got to go back in 3 wks for a further X ray, got more physio exercises to do. Afterwards went for an hour’s session with Dan on Wednesday 40 mins on the alter G treadmill, over 2 km at 3 km p hr and 10 minutes on the Balance Master.

Went to visit my young family in Moreton, speech much improved, all things/help going much better, very positive meeting, he is looking forward to stroke group meeting next week.

Friday, well herein lies a story, trying to get into cupboard under the sink to get the Viakal to do the sinks, squatted/crouched down lost balance and fell backwards banging my head on a cupboard drawer handle. I managed to stand up holding onto the sink right leg underneath bum and driving up through my left leg, Dan’s work paying off!

Nik was in London with SP, so I pressed my monitor/alarm told them what had happened and they called an ambulance for me. I had to wait for half an hour, she came all the way from Cheltenham near the airport at Staverton. She checked me over no dizziness/ drowsiness or vomiting. I went to bed and slept ‘til Saturday morning. Hell of an egg on my head. However this didn’t deter me from going to the Northampton Saints v Saracens rugby game, Jon Clemmo has a box there and asked us along with Ed and we took Matt too. We met for lunch at the Turnpike, went to the ground, great game, Saints won, great company and back to Jon and Jude’s afterwards – FAB!

Sunday didn’t do a great deal, caught up on stuff, lazee Sunday, Dad called from Spain to see how I was after my fall on Friday. We did go for walk later on up by Bluebell wood, then I was knackered!

w/c 28th Nov

First really cold frosty day today, winter poss here at last! Monday and a new befriendee to meet in a nearby village, lovely chap and his wife too, we had a giggle, he has stroke Tourette’s worse than me. We went through his talking photobook, and discussed a goal with him to do some homework get him motivated, he used to go out beating so we said let's aim to get him out there again. Spoke to Jenny at last, to see how Lew was getting on with Gang Show.

I went over to Cheltenham hospital to do my Connect work saw some of the staff and had a natter, and spoke to 2/3 patients. Quite windy and rainy today.
Ed’s school closed today ‘cos of public sector strike. Gloucs Younger Stroke Survivors group meeting at Waitrose in Cheltenham. Picked up and took my young Connect chap from Moreton with us to the meeting. It went well there was about 20 of us there in all, we discussed the filming and TSA sponsored walk event in May, and where to do it.

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