Tuesday, 14 August 2012

July - Barbados

Well we started off July with the Olympic torch coming through Chipping Campden it was fantastic to see, I cried when it came through so fantastic to see, later in the afternoon we went over to Stratford to pick up Charles ready to go on holiday with us on Tuesday.

w/c 2nd

Poor Ed had to go to school for the day whilst we were at home packing and stuff! We had an early night as we are up early to go down to Gatwick for our flight to Barbados!

We stayed at The Tamarind in Paynes Bay, an absolutely, fantastic hotel, with lovely caring staff, great water sports facilities for us all, we have had lovely food, fresh fish most days, delightful cocktails and rum punch. We hired a car for a couple of days and went round the island, over to the rugged east coast and Bathsheba. Stopped in Bridgetown and had a walk round, the hotel had kindly lent us a wheelchair, we went to the shop where we got my engagement ring and Nik bought some earrings to match it!

We jet-skiied by the beach where Nik proposed to me, Coconut Creek has gone and been replaced by condo’s.

We had an opportunity to go snorkelling over a shipwreck and swim with turtles, which was just incredible, we also went on the water taxi to the Colony Club, which is looking a little dated and need of an update.

w/c 16th

Back to normality and shite weather, Ed back to school, Nik down to the office for 2 days, and I took Charles to Stratford to get a train back up North, reality hits.

I had an eye consultant check-up to see if all is OK, can’t see trainer Dan Fivey until next week as he’s booked up. I did see Dan from DM to sort out my orthotic glove, and get it shortened as I struggle to put it on. Eating a chocolate biscuit I managed to break my tooth, so into the dentist on Friday to get it repaired, he said he used like a small scaffold to build up new tooth! Serves me right for eating choc biscuits.

w/c 23rd

Nik had a call in Manchester so I went up with him and called in to see my Dad, which was really nice, we met up with Charles at the Egerton Arms for lunch, went round to see Jenny and Lewis for a cuppa. I did an hour with Dan over at the gym, agility ladder work and some treadmill too. Went to see my befriendee at Broadwell, he’s looking well and his partner wanted a good chat too.

The Olympics started on 27th, fantastic opening ceremony, and I watched it most days, some fantastic performances by Team GB. I’ve also managed to get tickets for us to go to the Paralympics in August.

I gave Dad a call on his birthday, then the day after we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.

w/c 30th

31.7. Went over to Cheltenham for a session with Dan I was on the alter G treadmill for 50 mins 1.8 -2.2km p hr I did over a mile. This was followed by our monthly Connect meeting to discuss who we’ve been visiting boy was I tired when I got home.

From Saturday we are dog sitting for a week a lovely 4 yrs old black Labrador called Molly her owner is going to Weymouth to watch the Olympic sailing. We had a drive over to Lower Slaughter and a walk alongside the river, the dog loved going in the river, then Bourton for a Mr Whippy ice cream, my left foot was really aching.

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