Friday, 7 October 2011

September - Driving again!

1st Lots happening today, I get my car and therefore my freedom and independence back.

Dad and Jen are off to Canada, Boston and Bermuda for the RMP get together.

Third session of acupuncture went OK drove myself there! I don’t think it is working very well, spasticity not really changed but giving it a try.

3rd Good session with Dan, half an hour on the alter G treadmill at 0.9km, 10 mins on Vibrogym, squats and calves work.

Rugby season starts again and Ed going back to Shippo, lots of good friends to meet up with again, people who have given us a lot of help and support in the last 14 mths.

Met Jane B for a coffee at Fosseway Garden Centre, ‘cos I can now. Ed had rugby training on Tues night with a game on Wednesday night result 53 – 0. I had my arm splint looked at again and my last session of proper community physio with Sandra.

Connect meeting in Gloucester, had to forego, cos of distance so early on with having car so maybe next time. Plus car had to go back to get the front sensors fitted.

Next session with Dan 10 mins on Vibrogym, 10 mins on Balance Master and worked on TechnoArm Bike, some good arm stretches.

Kate was on the new ITV game show ‘Holding out for a Hero’ and did really well with £3000 to swell the charity’s coffers.

w/c 12th  On Monday I met up with Ranjit and Annette at the Swan in Broadway for a nice long 'ladies who lunch' lunch 10.30-3.30

On Tuesday I went over to Jannine’s to get a cut and colour. Then on Wednesday went down to Southampton with Nik for a day out on Julie and Bob’s boat, which was great fun, both Nik and I got to drive the boat.  And when I got home I had a bath in our bath, which was a new experience and fabulous, whole body felt great afterwards

I had my last session of acupuncture on Thursday, It hasn’t been successful for me, I may look to do it elsewhere, but using Eastern rather than Western version, we shall see. Also need to do more neck exercises.

17th Good session with Dan, half an hour on alter G treadmill covering up to 500m at 1.9km, 10 mins warmdown on Vibrogym, and 10 mins on Balance Master.

18th Ed  had an away game at Bugbrooke, met up with Johnny Boy Clemmo who brought the long promised bottle of pink bubbles. I managed to walk all the way across to the pitch they played on with my stick and walked back, though slight stumble, did OK. Our team won 64-0. Good result.

Beer and Cider Festival at Great Western this weekend, with Quiz night on Sunday and all proceeds going towards Fighting Strokes, we raised £255.

w/c 19th – busy week for all of us, Ed with after school lessons and rugby games, Charles came down for the week. My first Connect person to go and visit. Attend Life After Stroke meeting in Cheltenham. Nik to Cheltenham Hosp for pre op assessment, I am to undergo an occupational health assessment for returning to work. And then to top it all an 80’s school disco at the Rugby Club in aid of a paralysed player from Stratford RUFC, I was full of cold/sore throat so we were unable to go, which was a pain as we were looking forward to it Also meant I wasn’t up to a session with Dan on Sunday.

On Saturday birthday time for Nik. Dad and Jen returned home from their US/Canada/ Bermuda tour today. Ed is off beating up at Northwick, and we are all out for a meal Saturday night with Andrew and Kath to the Horse and Groom. And what a night it turned out to be cos’ Max Clifford was there eating too. Ed said he looked at me!

Sunday morning, rugby game for Ed playing against Leamington and Shippo won, hard played game but good result. Took Charles to Stratford to return home, few tears, sad to see him go we had a good week.

w/c 26th Ed on 2 inset days, the teachers need a break after 6 whole weeks off! I went over too Cheltenham hospital to meet with Julie R and new locum lady, Laura for Connect meeting discussing befriending at the hospital, every 2 weeks which Tony G and I are sharing. Stroke group meeting Gloucs Younger Stroke Survivors Network at Waitrose Cheltenham. Ed has two Gifted and Talented days this week for English and Science.

29th Nik’s turn to go to hospital, having put off having his veins done last year he’s under the knife today.

Andrew came up  to help us out, bringing him home then staying with him on Friday, as I had to go to OCE for more botox in my arm and leg. I am also taking part in some botox research with Jo one of the physio’s there, so she and Doctor Patrick did some baseline measures before I had the botox, in 6 weeks’ time I will go back to be measured again to see what/if any affect the botox has made. I am also to wear a gait monitor for 6 days. Whilst I was there I met with DHS to discuss O.C.E.A.N., getting a committee together, will it be a charity or not, there was a previous development fund which he will make enquiries about? Do some fundraising towards training, research, all to be discussed again, but he did like the acronym OCEAN (thanks nik).


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