Saturday, 26 February 2011

OCE Oxford Centre for Enablement - New Year, New Beginnings

So in I went on 10th Jan, Charles came with Nik and I, I was shown round by Hannah my lead nurse on the yellow team.  I was in room B5 on the blue corridor. The OCE building is next to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and is a very unique rehab centre in fact there are not many or rather not enough centres like this in the UK, one inpatient ward with approx 35 rooms and you sometimes share bathroom with a neighbour, the first two weeks were spent meeting and getting to know my therapists, Jenny for physio, Corinna for OT, Ruth the psychologist, all assessing what I could do, where I was at and what I would like to achieve, and getting to know the ward and staff, Doctors, and my fellow inpatients a mix of ages, and there are a number of people younger than me, 33 yrs old Gaynor. 35 yrs old Emmanuel, 36 yrs old Anne Marie, and yet generally you never hear of younger people having strokes.

My first lunch was spent with two lovely ladies Annette and another Sue, Wendy the ward co ordinator told them not to lead me astray! I got to know them both a lot more during my stay and they are two amazing ladies, Annette has lost the use of both arms and legs in fact they have been amputated, and yet you never see her down she is always so upbeat. and when I left she was learning to walk on her new legs with pink trainers - great inspirational lady with a heart of gold.

And so my intense physio rehab started, usually you have 2 45 minute sessions doing physio,and a 45 minute OT session per day and there are a selection of groups you can join depending on your own choices and what you wish to achieve when I asked about the social group I said do we go to the pub!  I opted for relaxation and some of the leisure groups - photography, mosaic, and watercolours.  There is also sessions with the psychologists doing cognitive assessments and tests, making sure you are Ok mentally and how you've coped with having a stroke, Nik and Ed have the opportunity to see them too, should they so wish.

The Nuffield has a hydrotherapy pool so Ii asked as part of my goal planning if I could go swimming. and that I'd like to get backdriving again.

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