Saturday, 29 January 2011

What happened - Background

14th July 2010 I woke up at 2.30am to go to the loo, couldn't tear the loo paper, my head was bumping against the ensuite shower cubicle, my hubbie Nik, got up wondering what was up, and he could see by my face that I'd had a stroke remembering F A S T, he then lifted me off the loo and onto our bed & into recovery position and called 999 I heard him say I think it's a stroke and thought I'm only 48 I can't be having a stroke!

A first responder came out shortly followed by the paramedics. Nik then rang our neighbour Val to see if she could look after our 13 yrs old son Ed.   So after calling round local hospitals including Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester and Oxford John Radcliffe to see who does thrombolysis 24/7 (a clot buster)  the paramedics wrapped me up in blankets on a chair brought me downstairs into the ambulance and off to Oxford JR A&E and then on to their Acute Stroke Unit at about 6am.

I was out of it for 3 days apparently! Nik stayed at the hospital in a relatives room, my sister Jenny, came down from Cheshire to help out and look after Ed. I am laughing at the menu!

The rest of this blog is all about my recovery and determination to get better and walk again!

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